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DE-ACTIVATE: Why Activate is NOT the answer to the Tories problems

THE CONSERVATIVES have lost the plot. There I said it, It’s a lot like being an alcoholic, you have to admit you have a problem to fix the problem, and it seems top brass at Tory HQ refuse to do so.

I’m an out and proud Tory – yes, you have to come out as a Tory these days (as it’s more taboo than being a Homosexual) and being a Tory comes with a whole slew of social problems.

There’s the social isolation at University, constant ridicule online, the claims that you are an evil Illuminati reptilian and the accusations that you are a Scum reading Daily Fail fanatic.

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We do get some joys in our little blue world, such as winning elections… (Don’t talk to us about 2017) – kicking Corbyn’s ass at PMQs and having two of the greatest Prime Ministers known to mankind. (That’s Churchill and Maggie).

So, you’d think – any young person would be REPELLED at becoming an out and proud Tory right?

How does the Conservative Party try to solve this problem? They launch ‘ACTIVATE’ from CCHQ – which is probably run by two stuffy Toffs with no sense of the reality in Modern Britain.

I’m sure Shivonne Sharpe from W1A was involved in this absolute embarrassment.

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Sometimes, it feels as though you have to slap the Tories with a wet fish, to get them to wake up to REALITY.

If you want to be Momentum, you need to involve the grassroots – let go of control and let the youth that know how the internet actually works do the internet stuff.

Not this lot who probably don’t have the foggiest on how to make content viral and campaign with effect.

At the moment, Activate is like your embarrassing dad – no one seen out in public with it.

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The Tories need to let Young Conservatives run such a project – because, at the moment, it comes across as something from the 1990s dial-up era of the Internet.

I’m part of a number of Conservative groups on Facebook, and they are nothing like ‘Activate’.

They are filled with lively debate, humour, banter and a sense of shared goals.

All ‘Activate’ does is give more ‘Momentum’ lefties sticks to beat us with.

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I think it’s time to DE-ACTIVATE and come up with something that actually involves Young Conservatives and isn’t created behind closed doors at CCHQ.

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