ECO-WARRIORS: Conservatives Replace Plastic Cards with PAPER Membership in Eco-Drive 

TORIES were left divided last night after the party announced it was ending its much loved plastic pocket membership cards with paper certificates. 

Tory Chairman Amanda Milling announced the move on social media writing: “We’re replacing our plastic membership cards with paper certificates.”

“Our govt is committed to leaving our environment in a better state for the next generation and it’s right that the Party plays its part in this work.”

Tories had a mixed response online. Dmitrijs Meiksans wrote: “Whilst I think this is not a great idea- why not give people the OPTION to choose between a certificate and plastic card? I’m sorry but I wouldn’t choose a giant certificate any day. Cards are small and durable…”

Frankie O’Brien joked: “I never received my card anyway…” 

Craig said: “Not sure i voted Conservative for this, sure I voted for control of illegal immigrants, like the boats from 

 but hey once your in with an 80 seat majority what does it matter until the next time……….”

Micheal Fabricant said: “Oooooh, Noooooo! . I save all my membership cards in my little trinket box along with my hair clips. A big certificate won’t fit! “

Shane responded: “Feels odd that it’s environmentally driven but we choose to use paper, which comes from trees… Why not look at a digital solution!? An app where all info can be shared by the party to members?”

Whilst older Tories compared the new paper cards to old school Tory membership material. 

“These 25yr + beauties have stood the test of time… Guess what, they’re paper. I like being a “card carrying member”, something not right about being “certified come on…. We can be better.”

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