FAKE NEWS: MSM Slammed After Smearing Tory MP with ‘Far Right’ Label

THE MSM is under fire after smearing a Tory MP with the tag ‘Far Right’ …simply because he attended an event with right-wing European politicians, including the democratically elected Prime Minster of Hungary.

Polish-born Daniel Kawczynski travelled to Rome to attend the ‘National Conservatism’ event with figures such as Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Oban, French Front National politician Marion Maréchal, representatives of Poland’s Law and Justice Party and Spain’s Vox Party.

Leftie BuzzFeed hack Alex Wickham ‘broke the story‘ claiming that the Tories were under pressure from Jewish and Muslim groups to sack Kawczynski, despite there being no major backlash… apart from the leftist Media’s.


The MP has hit back at the so-called backlash and branded the reaction “hysterical”.

He said Mr Orban, who has been prime minister of Hungary since 2010 and Mr Salvini, a former deputy prime minister of Italy, “represent serious ideas and concerns, some of which are shared by many citizens of the UK”.

Victor Orban is widely praised by Eurosceptics for his Anti-EU policies 

BuzzFeed was accused of ‘activism not Journalism by Washington based Human Events editor Will Chamberlain.

He said: “You’ve smeared the Prime Minister of Hungary as “far-right” without evidence And you’ve intimated that a conference run by an Orthodox Jew is antisemitic Have you no shame?”

Jack Montgommery added: “Seems unfair to pile on [Kawczynski] for appearing at an event with Orban and Salvini considering [Benjamin Netanyahu] has also engaged with them *and* praised both as allies *against* antisemitism?”

Despite the facts, the Mainstream Media such as The BBC, The Guardian and The Independent all spread the false story doubling down on the polish-Born MP claiming that the Tories were “under-pressure” to discipline the Daniel in a clear campaign to silence right-wing political views they do not like.

It’s not journalism, it’s activism.

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