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INSIDE ACTIVATE: Meet the SPINELESS Toffs behind the Tories new Momentum rival ‘Activate’



ACTIVATE is the new ‘centre-right wing’ rival to Labour’s Momentum… the only problem is, it’s a total embarrassment.

After just ONE DAY half of its founding members have ‘resigned’ and have revealed their true weakness for online political warfare.

Just under 24 hours after their widely ridiculed launch, Activate removed all trace of their leadership team from their website. Most likely because they were roasted by the whole of the internet.



Politicalite guessed that Activate was created by a bunch of out of touch Toffs.

After a little more digging, our instincts about ‘Activate’ being a non-grassroots led shitshow run by the privileged few with no sense of reality, we were OBVIOUSLY proven right.

Meet the ‘Ordinary young men’ behind ‘Activate’…

THE BOSS: Gary Markwell – Activate Chairman

Gary Markwell is a Tory Councillor in West Sussex. He has been employed as a Tory campaign manager for over 10 years, working with Theresa May and BOJO.


Other than these blatant associations to the Tory Party, Markwell claims that the organization he leads is independent.

A source told Politicalite that he is a fake that he bankrupted the Arundel and South Downs Conservative Association with his salary and bogus expenses claims, around £1200 per month.

The source added: “He is the biggest con man, who ever got a free ride on the back of Conservative members.”


Markwell also happens to be the current husband of ‘Glamour Model’ Sabina Evangelista.

Super-rich Sabina admitted on This Morning in 2014 that she only spent a paltry £2,000 on presents for her two children at Christmas.


BOTTLED IT: Luke Ibbotson – Activate Campaign Director

Luke Ibbotson, Activate’s Campaign Director, is an ‘ordinary’ young man from Sevenoaks in Kent.

Ibbotson is clearly an avid fan of the infamous Bullingdon Club judging by his Facebook caption.

‘Voice of the Youth Luke’ also appears to have his very own sailing boat which e boasts about on Facebook and is even his Facebook cover photo.



BOTTLED IT: Lewis A Baxter – Activate Online Strategist

Baxter is yet another exclusively educated young Tory.

Baxter describes himself as the co-founder of HoneyBee Training Ltd (a company owned by his Mummy, Ruth), and is also a Radio Presenter at Ribble FM.

Despite listing himself as the co-founder of HoneyBee Ltd on his Facebook account, only Mummy has control over the company.

Now, you may be wondering – why would a Tory supporting website turn on Activate? Well, because this sham organization does more harm than any good for the Party and its image.


It conjures up a ‘class-war’ with its privileged leadership and that isn’t going to win over the Youth, what will is actually listening to them.

Just hours after being riduculed online, they have set up an Online Store… Selling £100 bottles of CHAMPAGNE, signed by Theresa May and Boris Johnson. (Independent they say, yea-right!)

I love Champagne! I’m a tory, obvs… BUT IT ISN’T GOING TO WIN OVER BROKE YOUTHS! 

Winning over the Youth of Britain starts with Young Conservatives who have their finger on the pulse – I have spoken to numerous Young Tories who have said they tried to join the leadership team to try to shape Activate, but they were told they were ‘too young’.

It has also come to light that decisions were only made by the Leadership team and then only presented to members of the Activate Facebook group.


Activate had the capacity to be a GREAT force, but as usual, people confuse proximity to power with the real thing.

We will have an EXCLUSIVE exposè on Activates chief, Gary Markwell tomorrow.

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