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MAYDAY MAYDAY! May’s Great Brexit Sellout

Theresa May has had her chance and she’s blown it, it’s time for a real Conservative and a real Brexiteer to steer Britain to its next destination.

THERESA May has finally put the final nail in her coffin and despite being a robotic, electoral LOOSER, The May-bot has now decided to piss off 52% of the people who voted for Brexit.

Arguably worst Prime Minister in HISTORY has delivered another damaging blow to her country, her party and her premiership.

She simply doesn’t know what she is doing or what she wants from Brexit. 

Politicalite openly supports the Tories, but we support Britain and Brexit first – even if that means turning on the woman who leads the party we support.

Brexiteers didn’t vote for two extra years of EU regulation and we certainly didn’t vote to give Brussels a further £20 BILLION. 

Theresa May has filled her cabinet mostly with Remoaners – these MPs want to keep Britain in the EU by stealth. 

They cannot be allowed to over-rule the democratic will of the country especially when their government doesn’t even have a majority.
She also has bad judgement, May surrounded herself with Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy who both destroyed her Election campaign and alienated key members of the cabinet.

Under Theresa May’s watch, Britain has been ravaged by Terror – we need strong and stable leadership at a time of massive change and massive threats.

George Osborne was right when he said Theresa May was a dead woman walking and he was right when he said she should be cut up into little pieces and put into his freezer.

In the biggest gamble since Camerons Brexit Referendum, May lost Cameron’s majority, she lost all authority over her Cabinet and then she cost us a WHOPPING £1BILLION to save her own skin – now she wants to give the EU £20bn to save her Brexit negotiations.

Mrs May has had her chance and she’s blown it. It’s time for a real Conservative and a real Brexiteer to steer Britain to its next destination.



  • May will ask for a two-year transitional period beginning on Brexit Day on March 30th, 2019.
  • In the two extra years, Britain will pay £20bn into the EU budget.
  • Britain will still be governed by EU Laws and Regulations during the two-year transitional period.
  • Freedom of movement will still be in place and migrants will STILL be able to come to the UK in those two years – however, they won’t be granted ‘indefinite stay’
  • May WILL reject Hammond and Amber Rudd’s calls for Britain to align itself with EU laws after Brexit known as the ‘EEA light option’ that Politicalite explained yesterday.
  • The Prime Minister will also offer the EU a ‘special partnership’ in key areas of Defence and Security.


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