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MILK SHEIK! Johnny Mercer BLASTED after Endorsing Political Violence Towards Tommy Robinson

TORY MP Johnny Mercer was the one with milk on his face after taking to Twitter to BACK the angry Muslim attacker who attacked North West MEP candidate, Tommy Robinson in Warrington last week.

Tommy, 36 was defending two women that were allegedly abused by Danyaal Mahmud, 23, Tommy though was later attacked by the MSM who portrayed the self-described liberal activist as the thug, when in fact it was the Muslim Mahmud, who was the real villain.

Showing contempt for working-class folk like our Tommy, the Tory MP, however, RT’d the video of the assault and sarcastically wrote: ‘heartbreaking’ #lovebritain.

He was hit with a backlash and users said Mercer was making light of acts violence being committed against politicians.

Mercer doubled down: “Jeez. the reaction to this. It’s a *milkshake* Clearly I condemn political violence. This is not political violence from this guy on the left. It is a milkshake.”

One user hit back: “Okay – if something similar happens to any other politician or political activist, we’ll expect you to be absolutely fine with it.”

Jim Mandley wrote: “Johnny lost my respect, join the crowd mate”

JR added: “Yet another Tory who seemed OK. But a quick X-ray reveals no spine.”

Firefighter Paul Embery fired back: “Well, you can make light of it on the grounds that the victim on this occasion happened to be an undesirable character, but an MP should be careful about being seen to justify political violence, however low-level. Next time it might be you, or a Conservative colleague.”

Tracey J added: “Time to unfollow … just when I thought that I’d found a conservative politician that I could respect [sic] #politicallyhomeless”

He then used a lambasted ‘Sun Says’ opinion hatchet job from last year adding: “For those who seem to be targeting me after a shout out from Tommy Robinson, I’m afraid I rarely read the cess-pit that social media can be. My views on him have never changed ?Its time his supporters took the scales from their eyes.”

The out-of-touch Tory MP later issued an apology: “For the avoidance of doubt – this is assault, and of course it is completely unacceptable.”

Days later he was back to mocking our Tommy.

Robinson’s close mate Danny Tommo said: “So after apologizing yesterday for his conduct regarding his comments about Tommy Robinson being assaulted, within 24 hours he is back to mocking the situation without the man responsible being questioned, arrested or prosecuted for his actions.”

That says it all.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim R

    May 5, 2019 at 23:18

    Mercer is just another tosser. Yes at one time he seemed with his background to be worthy of consideration but his judgement is severely lacking.
    What if the cup didn’t contain milkshake, is Johnny not aware of substance chucking in recent times? Tommo got lifted for calling Sourpuss a name she herself likes to use on others, no physical contact involved.
    Just another brain dead Tory in a dying Tory party.

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