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MOGG, OUR SAVIOUR: After a week of “outrage” Jacob Rees-Mogg is the only man speaking any sense

File photo dated 05/09/17 of Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has revealed he is opposed to abortion in all circumstances, including rape and incest.

JACOB REES MOGG fired back at the lunatics running the British asylum yesterday and he may have just secured his place as next Tory leader.

After a week of mass outrage over a retweet, Jacob Rees Mogg summed up the whole saga on The Andrew Marr Show and while the leftie BBC host tried to draw Mogg into the debate on a Retweet, Mr Rees-Mogg decided to keep his integrity with a simple message “[Twitter] is a fundamentally trivial medium” he went on to say that “it is not worth spending so much time fussing about it.”

Mogg also fired back at claims Mr Trump should be banned from coming to Britain and said “Mr Trump is the leader of our greatest ally”

“It is overwhelmingly in the British interest to have a relationship with the leader of the free world”

He also threw shade at Theresa May by saying “It is the duty of The British Prime minister to ensure that that happens” He also compared the scenario between Blair and Bush and added “Mr Blair was good at that as Prime Minister when he ensured he got on with a right-wing American President who he didn’t agree with on everything.”


He also responded to reports that he met Steve Bannon, President Trumps former Chief of Staff and the man many believe helped Mr Trump to pull of the greatest electoral upset in modern history.

Marr asked Mr Rees-Mogg why he had met a man who is reported to be an “economic nationalist” Marr also branded Bannon a “white supremacist”

The Moggster responded with a simple message and said “I talk to a lot of people whose views I do not share or fully endorse”

He added: “I talked and met with the former American Ambassador who was a left wing Obama supporter so inevitably politicians meet other politicians and that doesn’t mean they agree with or endorse everything they say”

“Mr Bannon was close to President Trump and is a senior figure within The Republican Party”

Mogg also said that Mr Bannon was “very interesting to meet and was very well informed”


THE CONSERVATIVES are falling in the polls, a recent Poll by Survation, which was the only company to accurately forecast The General Election result, puts Labour on 45 per cent, with the Conservatives lagging behind on 37 per cent.

Grassroots Conservatives have been openly voicing their dismay at Theresa May this week after she attacked The President of the United States and soured relations with our greatest ally.

After the EU referendum, many believed The Conservatives were going to return to the glory days of the Thatcher years by finally returning to the right.

Britain gave May a clear message, but Mrs May lost her majority, failed to give Brexiteers the kind of Brexit they voted for and has now got into bed with the virtue signalling leftists. May seems to be moving The Conservative Party further and further away from its natural right wing resting place.

Theresa May has lost support from even moderate Conservatives. On social media, Tories are openly voicing their outrage over Mrs May actions and are even calling on her to resign.

A few months ago when we called on Mrs May to go, we were told by some May supporting Tories to “go join UKIP” but now it seems the message has finally started to filter through.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is our only hope, he is a True Conservative that knows where his values are. He is a respectable politician who refuses to virtue signal or join the bandwagon of the “everyday offended.”

It is time to oust that bloody woman from Number 10 and save ourselves from electoral oblivion.

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