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NO CONFIDENCE: Theresa May ‘Could Be Out Tonight’ As Vote of No Confidence Called




THERESA May will face a vote of no confidence later tonight between 6 and 8 pm.

48 Tory MPs have now sent letters into to the influential 1922 committee which means a vote of no confidence in the Tory leader.

Now all Conservative MPs will vote to either keep her as PM or oust her, she MUST win 50% or more votes to win.

One top Tory source told Politicalite that it is “unlikely she will win the contest” and “could be out by tonight.”


Mrs May hit back at Tory rebels who have triggered a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

On the steps of Number 10, the PM said she will ‘contest the vote with everything she’s got.’

“A change of leadership now will put our country at risk,” said May.

Ian Duncan Smith told Good Morning Britain that it was “time for a change”, and indicated he would vote against Mrs May.

Former PM Magaret Thatcher won her vote of no confidence in 1990, but she won by just two votes – back then you needed 60% to win, but Mrs Thatcher decided to resign.


The influential ERG said: ‘Theresa May’s plan would bring down the government if carried forward.”

“Our Party will rightly not tolerate it.”

“Conservatives must now answer whether they wish to draw ever closer to an election under Mrs May’s leadership. In the national interest, she must go.”

This is a developing story.

More follows.


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