OH NO, BOJO!: Boris Johnson BUSTED Breaking HIS OWN Social Distancing and Mask Rules 

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has been busted breaking his own Mask and Social Distancing rules, despite forcing Brits to endure draconian Covid laws. 

In leaked photos seen by Politicalite, the Prime Minister broke rules at a café in Truro, Cornwall and failed to wear a mask and breaking social distancing rules.

The pictures reveal Prime Minster Johnson at the Fig Café in Truro, of which is part of the Lemon Street Market. 

The lapse was during his visit to Cornwall to examine both the local businesses in preparation for reopening on Monday 12th April. 

Under current government rules, anyone who doesn’t wear masks for anything other than medical reasons can be punished by a never ending amount of fines with the maximum being £6,400. In the video uploaded to his Twitter account concerning his visit to Truro, similar rules regarding social distancing are also ignored as well. 

This caused mass mockery online, with many calling Johnson a hypocrite for not abiding by his own rules. 

Anti-Lockdown Pub owner Adam Brooks noted that this incident was one in which it had become ‘evident for ages, that those in power, clearly don’t believe the threat is as high as they have tried to portray’, while sports journalist Sam Street stated that ‘it shouldn’t be too much to ask for the Prime Minister to wear a mask at a counter if that’s what he’s ordering everybody else to do’.

This isn’t the first time a government representative has stirred up controversy by breaking lockdown rules. 

Back in May, Dr. Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London – of whose predictions and warnings surrounding COVID-19 were credited with convincing Johnson to adopt lockdown measures – had to resign from SAGE, due to breaking lockdown procedure by meeting with his lover Antonia Staats, despite his married status. 

Meanwhile, former government advisor Dominic Cummings received a huge backlash for travelling to Durham during this time, leading to a large cross-party group of MPs calling for his resignation in response. Johnson stood by Cummings. 

This also comes as Johnson is facing increasing pressure to drop plans for COVID Passports, with most of the opposition parties and 41 of his own Tory MPs pledging to vote against them if such a proposal is put before the Commons.

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