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SIZE MATTERS: Labour Attacks Boris Johnson Over Plans to Cut 10,000 Troops

LABOUR attacked the Tories last night after the British Government announced staggering cuts to the Army.

The move comes despite Boris Johnson promising voters that he would not cut Britain’s Armed Forces “In any form” during the 2019 Election.

“We will not be cutting our armed services in any form. We will be maintaining the size of our armed services,” – Boris Johnson 2019.

The cuts will mean the UK will have the smallest Army since 1714, and we wouldn’t be able to retake the Falklands if a similar attack on Britain took place today.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace claims that technological advances mean “greater effect can be delivered by fewer people” as he broke the Tories pledge.

Labour hit back at the Tories and said Boris Johnson’s plan meant “fewer troops, fewer ships, [and] fewer planes”.

The Tories will cut RAF planes, Tanks, Chinook helicopters and Royal Navy frigates in a shocking move.

Labour vowed to block the cuts and said the Party “will not compromise on national security; we will support well-conceived, properly financed upgrades to our defence.”

John Healey a Labour MP warned that “size matters.”

“This is a plan for fewer troops, fewer ships, fewer planes, over the next few years.”

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