STAND UP TO TRANS LOBBY: Tory Peer DEMANDS Boris Johnson protect women’s rights

CONSERVATIVE Peer Baron Blencathra (AKA David John Maclean) has called on his government to ‘stand up to the small, militant, transgender fascist lobby’ and for ‘the rights of 32 million real women’.

The Peer (who had previously served as a government whip and then a Minister of State under Conservative Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major respectively) used a House Of Lords debate to call for a Parliamentary debate as to whether ‘at least half of the communal changing or toilet facilities offered in public buildings are reserved for women only’, and whether the government would ‘stand up to the small, militant, transgender fascist lobby’ over ‘the rights of 32 million real women’?

He also criticised what he felt was a double standard in government policy; while endlessly being concerned for the rights of transgender people, there was a situation whereby disabled wheelchair users (of which Blencathra was one) couldn’t access many public buildings in the country, as there were ‘over 70,000 public buildings in the UK that wheelchair users cannot get into, let alone have the luxury of deciding which toilet to use’.

He also made note of while the plight of transgender people as a whole was one to be sympathised to (stating that genuinely intersex people ‘deserves respect and support’), that the scientific fact was that ‘biological and binary and is not a social construct’, and that the government shouldn’t in his words ‘permit the absurdity of self-identification, with the huge loss in freedom and safety for women that that would entail’. He then gave a personal anecdote, commenting on the absurdity that ‘male rapist convicts suddenly telling the Prison Service that they are identifying as women and our useless, incompetent, politically correct Prison Service immediately transferring them to female prison wings where they have raped and sexually assaulted real women prisoners’.


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