TAKE BACK CONTROL, BORIS: PM Would LOSE Majority, Seat in Snap Poll Amid Lockdown Fury

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson would lose an Election, his 81 seat majority and his own Parliamentary Seat, if an election was held tomorrow, a new poll suggests.

The poll conducted by Focaldata claims Labour would win the most seats and the prime minister would even lose his own seat of Uxbridge and Ruislip South.

Focaldata added: “While the next election could still be some years off, this latest seat level model shows that the public is losing confidence in the government.”

“While Labour have taken the lead on vote share, the first past the post system still means the Conservatives get the most seats, but fall short of being able to form a government. The data will be cause for concern in Number 10 and CCHQ alike.”

“The figures are perhaps unsurprising given the UK’s comparatively woeful covid and economic statistics, combined with poor and inconsistent government comms around Christmas restrictions.”


THE POLL revelation is no news to Politicalite – who have been warning of the Prime Ministers abysmall topsy-turvy Coronavirus handling for months.

Lockdown, a bundled Track and Trace and Vaccination effort is the reason for the loss in support for Boris – and the damning poll shows we were right to call him out.

Thankfully for Boris, his superb handling of Brexit and ‘Getting Brexit Done’ is the light in his sorry Corona story, and has possibly saved him from the majority of Brexiteer Tory MPs who would have thrown out any other PM.

Boris must now give Britain it’s freedom back once the UK vaccination programme is complete, allow Brits control over their lives and stop this authoritarian lockdown regime in the name of protecting the NHS – or he’ll be consigned to the dustbin of political history.

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