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TORIES IN MANCHESTER: Conference has proven only Boris or Mogg can save the Tories from oblivion

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY conference often felt like a prisoner waiting to be executed on death row, with a mostly half-empty conference hall, tired old slogans and a leader who’s slogan was even trying to escape the stage.

At conference, the people LOVED Boris and Mogg, simply put – they had star power. 

But when Theresa May, Amber Rudd and Phillip Hammond appeared, its was all a bit dud.

Oh, what a difference a change of scenery makes. On Monday, across Town at the fringe events of the Tory party conference, Jacob Rees Mogg was on a one-man tour, and everyone seemed to fall in love him.

On Tuesday Boris gave a speech to a packed Conference hall and the delegates cheered and social media went wild, Boris and Mogg have the rockstar effect, Theresa May simply can’t harness the same kind of excitement. 

It seems her luck appears to have run out, in a make or break keynote speech, the rusty robot finally malfunctioned.

Although no fault of her own, Theresa May’s chaotic speech was a metaphor for her dying premiership.

Too add to this ,Out of the 300+ MPs in the Tory party, only around 100 turned up to the conference and the most exciting parts were Ruth Davidson delivering a stunning speech, Boris Johnson delivering a pro-Brexit, optimistic address and Rees-Mogg debating with protesters on the fringes of the conference.

Politicalite has spoken to a few young Tories, and their reviews of May and the conference aren’t that great either.

One source said “There was tremendous energy, dynamism, creativity as principle being expressed in fringe meetings by both MPs and activists”

Matt from Birmingham added: “She tried, I admire her attempt. But the stuff she proposed was … eh”

Jack from Manchester said “I want a visionary, someone to inspire me about our future as a country and to clearly say “this is where we are going”. I want a JFK or a Churchill.

May isn’t even close.”

Micheal said of May: “She’s not got it in her, sad to say. She doesn’t have what it takes to be a strong inspiring leader.”

The real test will come when Conservative MPs meet again in Parliament next week where they will discuss what activists have been telling them at conference, then, we could see the 1922 committee spring into action if MPs are not happy with May. 





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