TORY PUTSCH: Could It Be Davis?

Unsurprisingly, speculation about the leadership of the Tories is filling a lot of column inches during the political ‘off-season’. Boris Johnsons comments about the Burka which has seen a massive surge in support for the former Foreign Secretary as he speaks for the silent majority of Britons have only enthused his supporters who see him as the natural choice to be the next Prime Minister. 

However, the Mail On Sunday reports today that some of his closest advisors are urging him to keep his powder dry and anoint David Davis as an interim leader until after the Brexit process is completed. 

It quotes allies of the former Brexit Secretary as saying a divisive leadership contest at this stage of the negotiations would be “disastrous” for the country. They want Boris to agree to a plan whereby Mr Davis will take over as caretaker leader and then a leadership contest will be held when he leaves office. 

This week Davis warned the EU that it was making a “massive miscalculation” if it thought Britain would not walk away from a bad deal. He said that although Parliament does not want a no-deal outcome neither will it be “pushed around” by the EU and that the crumbling bloc has more to lose than Britain: “I’ve always thought that no deal is better than a bad deal and while there will be border issues and so on… it would give us more freedom. I‘m still of the view that we have got two things on our side – we have got our own currency and we are masters of our own destiny in a way that EU member countries are not. This is a negotiation and it will go to the edge, but we must not panic about this. They have got lots to lose too, and specific countries and specific sectors have got large amounts to lose. As we get closer to the brink, there will be internal pressure within the EU.”

Certainly, it is abundantly clear that Treason May is a busted flush as Prime Minister. She has bet the house on achieving some kind of deal with the EU and been willing to give away everything to achieve that outcome so there is no chance she will survive a no-deal outcome. 

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