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WHO CARES: The Hysterical Reaction Over Boris Johnson’s extramarital affair

BORIS Johnson did nothing wrong. To those who think he did, I dare to say; the harm he did was to himself and his family on an individual and intimate level.

No one here is saying that we should not moderately criticise the fact that he acted immorally towards his wife, by committing adultery and breaking his wedding vows. However, questioning his leadership skills, and whether he is fit to lead the Conservative Party and the British nation is rather unrealistic and silly.

This is a man who gave up most of his life fighting for a just cause; Brexit. Many like him, I think of Farage, Gove and others have re-shaped the political dynamic of this country and pushed for the re-assessment of whether Britain’s position within the European Union was something inalienable.

If Britain is effectively soon leaving the EU, we owe a lot to politicians like Boris Johnson. It is no secret that even after the scandal of his relationship with a younger Tory woman, polls suggest he is one of the favourites among people to succeed Theresa May.

Johnson’s private life should not be the business of the Mail, Guardian and Telegraph. Those sad and greedy journalists who have been waiting for him on the front yard of his Oxfordshire residents are making the situation worse, and harder to digest for his poor wife which is really the only one in this situation that deserves some pity and understanding.

If we were to be completely honest, we would have to recognise that Johnson is now being bashed by the mainstream media, not merely because he has been cheating on his wife (which is pretty common in modern marriages) but due to the fact that he is a hard-Brexiteer. A hard-Brexiteer that still has every chance of taking over the Tories and delivering for the people. The establishment, mainly composed of Remainers, fears him and has to resort to using his personal life to destroy his political ambitions.

In addition, this a-prior conviction which often takes place against white, straight, borgouise heterosexual males is typical of a post-modernist society. We have seen it with the older Weinstein case too. Neo-Marxist, egalitarian dogma dominates mainstream thought, and it is no secret that modern and feminised societies love to destroy the character of males like Johnson who are perceived to be alpha. It’s almost as if males are not allowed to behave like males anymore. Post-modernism aims to completely shift the natural order of things.

The most worrying part of all of this is that; the media, as well as the elites and the average, bigoted individual, shaken by Johnson’s recent extramarital adventures, fails to understand that there are more serious problems in this country we should be discussing. Illegal immigration, violence against Conservative MP’s, limitations of free speech, and Sharia no-go-zones are what the media should focus on, not Johnson’s weakness for women.

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