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BACKING BRITAIN: Boris Johnson backs calls to spend bloated Foreign Aid budget on the British People

BORIS Johnson has backed calls to spend Foreign Aid on the British people here at home saying that the Government should focus on “National Priorities” amid rumours he will make a bid for Number 10.

He said Britain’s aid budget should be shifted to projects “consistent with the political and commercial priorities of this country.”

“Everywhere you go, you will find other countries that subtly or openly use their development aid budgets as leverage to support their exports, or other popular objectives,” Johnson said.

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“It was infuriating to travel to South East Asia, and see for instance how Japanese contractors were supported by development assistance, as they applied for contracts, in ways we deem to be illegal,” said Boris.

“If we are going to spend so much on aid – and there is no doubt that it wins Britain friends and admirers around the world – then let’s get value for this country as well,” Johnson said.

Last month, Politicalite reported that more than 14m Brits were living below the breadline and had been trapped in poverty for years – we called for the Government to spend Foreign Aid budget on the British people.

The figures also revealed that 4.5m kids were living in poverty according to a new poverty measure that looked at the disadvantages of Brits.

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Under legislation approved by Parliament in 2015, the UK government is now legally required to spend 0.7% of our gross national income on overseas development assistance.

Since 2016, the British government spent over £13 BILLION on handouts to foreign countries, some such as India that are spending BILLIONS on a Space Programme – but the poverty figures revealed just how much people here in Blighty need aid.

The Former Foreign Secretary resigned from Theresa May’s failing government during the summer over opposition to Mrs May’s Brexit Sellout.

He is currently bookies fave to replace her but has been tight-lipped on whether he would challenge her for the leadership.

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