Tory Leadership Race 2019

REMAINER Rory Cuddles-Up To Corbyn – Backs SECOND Referendum

RORY Stewart presents himself as a rational candidate; a former diplomat who served with distinction in Afghanistan and Iraq. An Etonian, an Oxford graduate, and a cabinet minister.

Unmistakably this is quite an accomplishment, though this is no way implies he should be the next prime minister.

Stewart is straightforward with the public when it satisfies him. He is correct when he makes the assertion that the current arithmetic prevents anyone from leaving the European Union.

Rory Stewart during his Afghanistan years.

The arithmetic unquestionably shows this. The other candidates should be honest with the general public. They should admit that a snap general election would be necessary for a Tory government to obtain the necessary numbers in Parliament.

What is not practical, is for Mr Stewart to claim that he will be able to solve the Brexit question with a citizens assembly. An overwhelming majority of the population is furious with Parliament. One faction is aggrieved over Brexit and demands a second referendum. Another faction, and possibly the largest, wants to leave the European Union immediately, come what may.

Calling a citizens assembly would only inflame feelings, not subdue them. Additionally, Stewart’s claim that he can pass the withdrawal agreement through the current Parliament is fanciful at best. 

The embarrassing Tory Leadership debates so far have demonstrated why Boris Johnson was right not to attend.

Prime Minister May failed on innumerable occasions, some of which were the worst defeats a government has endured in modern British political history.

No evidence shows us that any new Tory MPs are anticipated to vote for the withdrawal agreement. It certainly is also not in the best interests of the Labour Party to push through a Brexit with a Tory government in power. To support a Tory government on Brexit would further weaken Labour, and be a boon for the Liberal Democrats. 

Hence why the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition is now in favour of a second referendum under any circumstances. Corbyn now admits that political reality dictates that he must support a second referendum in any event. Otherwise, he will be incapable of preventing a coup from his fellow Labour MPs to topple him.

Hypocrite Corbyn openly spoke-out against the EU before the referendum, yet now backs a democracy-denying second referendum.

Parliament is undeniably broken. An attempt to satisfy everyone is impossible. For the Conservative and Unionist Party to regain the sufficient trust to triumph in a general election, it must strive to leave without a deal on the 31st of October. 

Further delays will undermine a Johnson led government. In the event that Johnson is Prime Minister, he must call a snap general election. Expect fellow Tory MPs to attempt to bring down the government.

When they do this, Boris Johnson should address the public in a televised address, where he would say that another general election is not want the public yearns for, though it is the only option available. 

Boris Johnson may attempt to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and initiate new talks regarding the backstop beforehand. These will not come to fruition. Michel Barnier has made it crystal clear that under no circumstance will the EU renegotiate with the United Kingdom. 

Boris could be set to form the first pro-Brexit cabinet that the government has seen.

Once a Boris Johnson led government admits reality, it will have no alternative other than to attempt to leave without a deal or beg the European Union for an extension.

Begging for an extension would be pointless. President Macron is tired of dealing with the United Kingdom as a member state within the EU. Without Macron’s consent, the European Council would not have the required unanimity to grant an extension. 

Ergo why politically, the only sane option that appears to be available is to attempt to leave without a deal. Parliament will endeavor to do everything in its power to prevent this. Ken Clarke, Dr Phillip Lee, and Antoinette Sandbach are among those Tory MPs who have said they will bring down the government. They are determined to prevent no deal and are on a collision course with Boris Johnson.

What this leaves us with is no option other than a snap general election. One in which a pact could be made between The Brexit Party and the Conservatives to ensure that they do not offset each other at the ballot box. Otherwise, Britain may be in the precarious position of having a Marxist as prime minister.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Newspaniard

    June 19, 2019 at 12:11

    One thing which annoyed me about the “debate” was that the BBC brought one of their pet imams to ask the question about whether words could be harmful. Prevarication was the order of response with all agreeing. No-one said how the word “islamophobia” was destroying peoples’ lives. People who make even the most innocuous remark about the Islamic death cult, find themselves with a criminal record and a gaol sentence. But ALL the contenders grovelled to this (expletive deleted) imam.

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