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EXCLUSIVE: Trump ‘Only Man Able To Tackle Real America’s Issues’ says MICHAEL JOHNS

DONALD Trump is the only leader who is still able to tackle issues affecting real America, the co-founder of the Tea Party movement has told Politicalite. 

Speaking exclusively to on Trump’s potential presidential run, Mr Johns – a smalltown boy from Rustbelt America, who ascended to the top American politics as a speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush, hit out at President Biden’s “Universal Failure” earlier this week, and now he signals that Trump is still America’s only hope to defeat the Globalist Agenda at the next US election.

The working-class populist hero described the current political climate in Washington as “Hopeless” and is hoping Trump will run and beat Joe Biden.

“Right now, when I look at the national political scene, things seem much like they were when we launched the Tea Party movement in 2009, which is to say seemingly hopeless.” said Johns. 

“People are disenchanted, frustrated, and even fearful. But mostly, I think, most feel helpless.”

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“They know we are headed in the wrong direction, and they have watched the steady erosion of our nation’s most vital institutions and how seemingly easy it has been for them to fall into the hands of globalist progressives.”

“We have experienced some extraordinary setbacks very quickly almost to the point where I think we need to keep reminding the American people how well Trump had things going the first three years of his presidency before the Wuhan virus hit, despite the fact that he faced relentless and unprecedented opposition from Congress, media, and even his own presidential appointees.”

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He also put faith in the grassroots Tea Party movement that took hold during President Obama’s first term. 

“Our Tea Party movement, which was founded in early 2009, has been the first grassroots populist political movement, and we were largely inspired by the outrageousness of the 2008 bank bailout and the policies that followed it.”

“This was a crisis that was created by both big banks and the government’s obliviousness or carelessness over how these banks were manipulating subprime mortgages and the public policies related to them. It proved immensely costly to many millions of Americans and the entire world. Yet, it was the same banks that had launched and perpetuated the schemes that caused this financial crisis that were the beneficiaries of government aid.” 

“The people, who were the real victims, were left to struggle. I think the rage from that built on the momentum that already had existed since the 1990s. What we have done so far with the Tea Party movement has proven hugely successful politically, and it has contributed to populism’s ascent. But maybe most importantly, it’s also given the people an opportunity for political engagement.”

” I was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and grew up in the Rust Belt just as a lot of globalist policies were beginning to be identified as the primary threat to the region’s middle class.”

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It’s not widely known, but Trump spoke to one of our Tea Party rallies in 2011, and I think he was impressed and even influenced at how the rally-based campaigning could serve as a model for populist campaigns. By then, we also saw how John McCain and Mitt Romney had made no effort to convey populist sentiments, and were crushed. And just as I think the Tea Party movement proved a bit inspiring to Trump, it’s important to note that Trump inspired and educated the Tea Party movement on some of the vital themes that later came to comprise his MAGA agenda.”

Tens of millions of Americans, and I am definitely one, recognize the fairly unique ability he had both to identify the policy challenges that Washington, D.C. was ignoring and to rally America around a campaign to take those on. Those issues remain: Securing our border and ending overstayed visas, fixing our illogical immigration system, dealing with the genocide and ruthless aggression of China’s Communist Party, and resolving many of the trade and defense burden sharing challenges we confront. Should Trump run in 2024, he’s really the only national political leader to date who has a notable record of tackling those issues, and the vast MAGA base still sees him as our leader on them.”

” I think people also recognize that he is a uniquely special man with the boldness it takes to do the magnitude of things we all acknowledge need to be done. But the American people are growing restless, and the challenge will be to assure them that the institutions that are so critical to our freedom will be reclaimed. We need elections that function fairly and accurately and governmental institutions that are partners in enacting Trump’s agenda, should he get another term, not off covertly undermining it. Finally, he needs to stay in front of the people–and call out and challenge the political class when they are failing the American people.”

“The people need that right now, and they will remember it and reward him for it should he do that in this vital moment.”

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MICHAEL Johns branded Joe Biden’s presidency as a “universal failure” as he sets out his vision for the 2024 Election campaign that former President Trump is set to run in. 

“Biden is proving a universal failure, and it’s not just that he’s failing but that you look at this administration and almost wonder if failure isn’t the objective.” said Johns. 

“So many of the current crises seem consciously self-created, including the open border and the obvious unwillingness to structure fiscal policies that incentivize Americans to reenter the workforce.” 

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