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FLOP: 210,000 Lefties ABANDON Anti-Trump Protest

THE ANTI-TRUMP movement in Britain was a wash-out this year as attendee numbers dropped from 240,000 to a pitiful 30,000, official figures have revealed.

The disrespectful ‘Trump baby’ blimp floated above just 30,000 protesters during Trump’s UK state visit – a cripplingly smaller crowd than the previous year, and significantly smaller than the 240,000 activists that had pledged to attend.

SUPPORT DWINDLING: Anti-Trumpers gathered in the smallest numbers to date.

Naturally, the mainstream media chose not to report this overwhelming abandonment of anti-Trump sentiment and the increase in public support – with over a quarter of a million people lining the streets of London over the week to welcome the US President to England. 

Hundreds of thousands turned-out to welcome Britain’s closest ally.

Adding further insult to injury, the baby blimp, which floats up to 100ft in the air with permission from national embarrassment Sadiq Khan, was popped by activist and YouTuber ‘Based Amy’, with the use of a pair of scissors. 

GOING DOWN: The damaged Trump balloon is taken away from the scene.

The tasteless balloon first appeared during Trump’s visit last July and this year the blimp had been due to appear at Trump’s next stop in Ireland. However, forced to leave London with the poor attendance figures in the backs of their minds and a pile of torn latex rolled up in the boot of the campaign car, the whining losers were described as looking down trodden, or, as one onlooker told Politicalite, ‘seriously deflated’. 

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