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Niall McCrae: Trump should confront May’s submission to the New World Order

THE context of President Donald Trump’s visit to Britain this week could hardly be more intriguing. While the legions of social justice warriors who detest the boorish US president will not hear anything but their own prejudices, most of the British public will be very interested in what the president has to say to our beleaguered prime minister Theresa May.

Trump’s ‘America First’ strategy is paying dividends. You wouldn’t know this from the mainstream media, but his approval ratings are now higher than Obama’s at this stage of his presidency, and millions of jobs have been created thanks to the threat of tariffs to American companies thinking of offshoring production. Hillary Clinton would not have given a damn about the Rustbelt, because she was a fully-fledged member of the New World Order.

Okay, the NWO is a problematic concept. Its name appears on no ballot card; it is rarely mentioned in national parliaments, and few political leaders would ascribe to an entity that suggests world domination. Yet it is very real. Anyone who has read the Economist over the last twenty years will know what I’m writing about. An unholy alliance of elites in public policy, corporate giants, NGOs, technologists and academe – supported by a brainwashed younger generation schooled in post-nation ideology. The NWO has grown by stealth, gradually undermining sovereign states to build a complex web of global authority.

The nemesis of the NWO is in the White House. Trump realised that America was being shafted by supranational treaties such as on climate change and military spending, alongside adverse trade conditions. He confronted the acquiescence of Washington to a perpetual ‘tax and blame’ doctrine, which was punishing the ordinary folk and abandoning their towns to tumbleweed. An eruption of nativist sentiment was predicted by the globalist Foreign Affairs magazine, back in 2006: –

‘As the transition unfolds, the number of people in the rich countries who will feel threatened by foreign job competition will grow enormously. It is predictable that they will become a potent political force in their countries. Job-market stress up to now has been particularly acute for the uneducated and the unskilled, who are less inclined to exercise their political voice and less adept at doing so. But the new cadres of displaced workers, especially those who are drawn from the upper educational reaches, will be neither as passive nor as quiet.’

A prescient analysis, perhaps – but I doubt whether the writer believed that such resistance would succeed. Liberal internationalists believe they’re on the right side of history, while Republican rednecks represent the past. Just as Matthew Parris infamously insulted the people of Clacton as a dying breed of nostalgics when they voted for UKIP, Trump’s nationalistic revival is seen as a regressive aberration. Indeed, the Deep State has been working overtime to curtail the terrible tycoon who somehow persuaded Americans that he could make their country great again. What a silly idea!

National identity, however, cannot be erased by the globalists. It is not mere sentiment: a state exists to protect its citizens, through social welfare, promoting economic prosperity and employment opportunities, and keeping malign foreign influences at bay. Borders are a human necessity, as liberal Catholic bishops in Italy are discovering. ‘Love thy neighbour’ does not mean taking in an endless flotilla of economic migrants from Africa and Asia. The liberally-minded clergy is endangering their flock and losing their trust.

But talk to a typical younger graduate anywhere in the West and you will hear that borders are bad, and that Trump is an ogre for barring people from ‘shithole’ countries. The political and cultural establishments of Western countries have been tuned to the global master plan, which manipulates multiculturalism and identity politics to create a ‘divide and rule’ polity. The real bogeyman is not Donald Trump but the shadowy financier George Soros, whose funding of subversive organisations is destroying democracy, freedom of speech and equality of justice.

As Italian deputy leader Salvini asserted, Soros is the architect of modern slavery. But the natives are restless, and globalisation is becoming a bête noire. I hope that Trump tells May some home truths on his brief visit. While she is immersed in the logic of dependence on transnational institutions, Trump is ripping up the rulebook. He should tell May that the NWO is a busted flush and that she will go down the toilet with it unless she abandons her ‘polished turd’ deal with the EU.

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