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MEN OF THE PEOPLE: Gerard Batten Appoints Tommy “Special Personal Advisor”


UKIP Leader Gerard Batten has announced that Tommy Robinson has been appointed as his “Special Personal Advisor On Rape Gangs & Prison Reform.”

Gerard said that the NEC declined to allow his motion on the all members ballot to be heard at its last meeting but that he “deferred” to its decision and that Tommy “accepts” it.

Commenting on the appointment, Gerard said that the areas which Tommy will advise him on are both areas in which Tommy has “a great deal of knowledge.”

He was attacked by Nigel Farage has launched an elitist coup to REMOVE Mr Batten as leader of Ukip over the appointment of the working-class hero.

Mr Farage said on Friday that he would be submitting a letter of no confidence in Mr Batten, and said he will “get rid of him”.

“Gerard Batten has got this sort of fixation with Tommy Robison, and discussing Islam, and dragging Ukip into the direction of effectively being a street activist party.”

Asked if Mr Robinson’s appointment would kill the party, Mr Farage said: “I haven’t given up yet. I will be writing to the National Executive Committee of the party today and urging we have a vote of no confidence in Gerard Batten as leader, that we get rid of him.

“We will have one last go at getting rid of somebody who as leader is dragging us in a shameful direction.

“I’m going to fight, try and save it, but if it continues in this direction, electorally it is finished.”

Of Mr Robinson’s appointment, Mr Batten said: “I have appointed Tommy Robinson to be a personal special advisor on two subjects which he has great knowledge.

“It is not necessary for him to be a party member in order to assist me in this role. I am looking forward to working with him.”

It’s not the first time Mr Farage has tried to control who runs UKIP.

One pro-Batten UKIP source told Politicalite: “Mr Farage told the UKIP membership to vote for Henry Bolton and then begged them not to remove him.”

“Henry was one of the darkest chapters in UKIP’s history and Nigel begged the party to keep him.”

“This just shows how out of touch he is with the members.”

The former UKIP leader vowed to REMOVE the widely popular leader after he appointed right-wing activist Tommy Robinson as an advisor.


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