DANK ENDORSEMENT: Paul Joseph Watson, Count Dankula and Sargon of Akkad join UKIP to FIGHT for freedom

THREE mighty YouTubing freedom fighters have joined the purple revolution and have backed Gerard Batten and UKIP after the British Governments assault on Free Speech. 

Count Dankula who was arrested and charged with “Hate Crime” earlier this year after he posted a joke video of himself teaching his dog to do a Hitler salute to piss off his girlfriend said: “If this gets 10k retweets, I will join @UKIP I’m not joking, this is not a meme. I’m being completely serious.”

Paul Joseph Watson tweeted late last night: “Along with Sargon and @CountDankulaTV, I’ve officially joined UKIP and plan to take it over in a soft coup which will lead to the total restoration of freedom in the United Kingdom. Goodnight.

He also added: Joining UKIP is the new counter culture.”

Watson of Infowars is a mighty figure online. On YouTube, he has over 1.2m subscribers compared to the failing Tory parties 22,000.

InfoWars is a major force in US politics and along with Breitbart and other alternative news outlets are widely credited with helping President Trump smash Hillary Clinton. (in the Presidential Election, not the Pussy you dirty dogs.)

Alex Jones of InfoWars also donated £20,000 to Tommy Robinson prior to his imprisonment by the British state to help him set up his website Tommy Robinson Online.

Count Dankula was arrested and charged with “Hate Crime” earlier this year after he

The fact that three high-profile campaigners for free speech have decided to join UKIP is a recognition of its status as the only Party that is taking the fight for free speech seriously and that is a serious champion of the freedom movement which is growing and growing.

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