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DR NIALL McCRAE: UKIP are back from the dead


OH how awful this will be for the BBC and metropolitan elite. UKIP is on the cusp of a comeback, and this time they really mean business. ‘We have to get political’ asserted leader Gerard Batten at a recent free speech rally, and it seems that the message is getting through.

A surge in membership has followed Batten’s unflinching support for jailed activist Tommy Robinson, and a trio of influential figures signing up: Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars and YouTubers Sargon of Akkad and Count Dankula. UKIP is the counter-culture!

Earlier this year, UKIP was dying. The Brexit prize won by Nigel Farage had seemingly slipped between the fingers, as a reluctant establishment has determinedly put the popular verdict back in its box. As a spent force, post-Farage UKIP was in no position to challenge the increasingly strident Soros-funded Remainers, and the fudge that would amount to Brexit in name only. The party was almost bankrupted by a massive fine after accusing Labour politicians in Rotherham of covering up the child rape rampage. 

Explaining poor election results, Batten explained that the public thought that UKIP’s job was done, and ‘we shot ourselves in the foot’ with leadership crises. The last vote for the leader produced the unlikely result of Henry Bolton, with some (including singer Morrissey) suspecting a fix to stop anti-Islam candidate Anne Marie Waters. When Bolton imploded, Batten took over the beleaguered party as interim leader.

Not the most charismatic politician, Batten has performed far beyond expectations. For evidence of his calm resolve, see the BBC interview with Jo Coburn on Daily Politics (1 May 2018). Coburn saw it as her duty to treat the UKIP leader with sneering contempt, particularly when confronting his views on Islam. He spoke of the inherent anti-Semitism in the religion, which some followers take literally.

The other guest, a young Lib Dem from Oxford, was having kittens. ‘Complete rubbish!’ She recited the mantra of a religion of peace, but Batten held tight. ‘No it isn’t.’ He read from a hadith: –

“Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews

And the Jews will hide behind the rocks and the trees

The rocks and the trees will cry out

‘O Muslim, O Faithful Servant of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me

Come, kill him”

‘Unbelievable’ responded the triggered LibDem. How can such dinosaurs continue to trample on our multicultural Utopia? The Bible is worse, she spluttered, and she would know as a Christian. For a sharp contrast between progressive idealism and how ordinary people see things, this exchange is well worth watching.

An honourable man is Gerald Batten. He has done everything he can to help Tommy Robinson, possibly saving his life in a prison system infested with would-be Muslim assassins. How many Labour, Tory or LibDem politicians have spoken out on this fiasco?  A big round zero. Shockingly, the entire political establishment has decided to maintain a Trappist vow of silence on the major story of the moment. Many constituents have written to their MPs, but got nothing meaningful in response. This is an unsustainable abuse of power, and it will come back to haunt the mainstream parties.

What‘s in a name? The UK Independence Party is fighting for freedom on three fronts: the establishment that has been taken over by cultural Marxism, the entangling tentacles of the EU, and the rise of the Caliphate. All are steadily eroding our civil rights. 

If it sustains its revival, UKIP will be a much younger party, fired with the energy of those at the free speech and Free Tommy demonstrations. Instead of those silver-haired meetings in provincial community halls, it will be a major presence online. Tweed is being replaced by t-shirts with counter-cultural slogans. I’m not sure that Nigel Farage will like it.

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