EXCLUSIVE: Senior UKIP Figure Slams Tommy Robinson and Brave British Soldiers

A SENIOR Ukip figure has slammed Tommy Robinson and brave British Army recruits who posed with the right-wing activist.

Former Ukip leadership candidate Ben Walker claimed that the brave Soldiers were “just civilians” and “not soldiers”.

Walker, 39 is a member of the influential Ukip National Executive Committee and was allegedly part of a dodgy ‘backroom deal’ by the NEC to crush plans to let members decide if Tommy could join the party in August.

Walker, who served in the Royal Navy during the Afghan War added that the recruits were just “cadets” and not the “regular army” in a Facebook post, but the men pictured are reportedly regular Army recruits training at Catterick.

Previously claiming that he “Wouldn’t want to be associated” with Mr Robinson, Walker said that “there is no way that a Court Marshall would be convened in less than 24 hours to dismiss somebody from military service”… Shortly after his comments, the Army confirmed it had dismissed a soldier over the photo.

Ben added that “Tommy’s and Rebel’s reporting on this matter is misleading”, turns out it was Ben’s dodgy Facebook post that was the misleading information.

A Ukip source told Politicalite that Ben is part of a party faction that is “Hellbent” on keeping Tommy out of the party adding that the post was “ill-judged” given the party bases backing of Tommy.

Facebook users also hit out at Mr Walker with one saying: “I think the key issue here is the far-right Islamic extremist Muslim Council of Britain and Miqdaad Versi who reported this don’t you Ben Walker ??”

Another user added: “Can’t really understand your point Ben Walker? I think you’re missing the point that the Muslim Council of Britain called for action against these lads….at the time MCB did not know if they were the regular army.

“The disgrace is the fact that the army decided to punish the lads including dismissal of 1. Because of the Muslim council’s complaint.”

Another added: “I think the army needs to stop taking orders from the Muslim Council of Britain.”

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