EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Establishment ATTACKS Alt-Media over Tommy ‘membership’


MEMBERS of UKIP’s National Executive Committee smeared a pro-UKIP website, Kipper Central and threatened the Alternative Media following coverage of Tommy Robinson’s potential membership of the party. 

One power mad NEC member, Kate Paris threatened ‘suspensions’ on ‘leakers’ and anyone who ‘published leaked materials’ or ‘damaging information regarding the party.’

She also wrote on Facebook: “This is FAKE NEWS. The NEC is not discussing the possibility of Tommy Robbinson being permitted to join UKIP at Sundays NEC meeting. 

“It is not on the agenda nor has it been proposed as something we are voting on.” 

She even claimed: “You don’t even know if Tommy would even like to join! Membership could restrict his ability to report independently, maybe he has not even considered joining.”

Turns out it was Kate pushing the fake news as Tommy DOES want to join and he described his potential membership as being able to start a “revolution.”

He said: “UKIP would lose 2,000 members if I joined, but they could probably gain 20,000.”

Tommy told his followers that he would join UKIP if offered party membership, adding that the party would be “mad” to not consider allowing him in.

It is possible under article 4.4.1 of the constitution regarding exceptions and 4.4.2 regarding associate members for individual cases to be heard and exceptions to be made although I do think that for the Party, Tommy and the movements objectives that we all work together in our different capacities and areas towards our shared objectives under 3.4 of “activities of the party.”

Reece Coombes, 17 who broke the story of Tommy’s UKIP membership exclusively told Politicalite: “At long last, we were turning words into actions and bringing Britain’s working class hero into the political fold of UKIP.”

Alan Craig and Reece agreed on the wording of the motion, and passed it on to the party to consider for debate at conference. 

Party Chairman Tony McIntyre told Alan that it would be discussed on Sunday’s NEC meeting, at which point we decided that a report on the motion was crucial; the NEC must be transparent and open with what it is discussing, and the wider membership must be able to have their say.

Reece, who was has been one of UKIP’s biggest champions and even helped ‘oust’ Henry Bolton said: “Little did I know that I would be called every name imaginable by people who I always thought were perfectly friendly and mature party members. Indeed, many who sit on the NEC were the most personal in their attacks on me.”

“The cries of “liar” or “fake news” do not deter me. I know what I wrote was factually true, and I know our motion is exactly what this party’s membership has been crying out for since Gerard Batten took over UKIP’s leadership earlier this year.”

“I am delighted that we have finally managed to burst the UKIP establishment’s bubble and bring this once-controversial issue to the forefront not only of UKIP’s conference but also of the national political debate.

“When Tommy says him joining UKIP would cause a ‘political revolution’, he is most certainly not kidding.”

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