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EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Leader Richard Braine STILL Backs Tommy Robinson Ban

UKIP’s new leader Richard Braine has told Politicalite that the party is still relevant despite being crushed at the latest European and Local elections and has said he still backs the ban on right-wing activist Tommy Robinson. 

In a wide-ranging interview, Mr Braine told this outlet that the party has ‘produced a revolution in politics which has had [an] effect” far beyond the UK and that the right of nations to independence in a world which is increasingly controlled by unaccountable international empire-builders.” and added that despite Many UKIP members supporting Robinson’s courage in speaking out about child rape gangs and social division” that many of the parties members do not want to express their views on this issue through him.”

“UKIP has reasserted the principle of nationhood,” said Braine who was elected leader last month by members where he received more than 53% of the vote.


He also said that the EU was “unaccountable” adding that the often secretive princelings “will not give up if Brexit is delivered.”

“They will continue to try to influence, control, corrupt and ultimately abolish the UK and her people for the sake of their own commercial and ideological goals.”

“UKIP will continue campaigning for the tradition of freedom of the individual from the tyranny which is the hallmark of the British constitution and way of life,” added Braine.


Braine also said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was handling Brexit much better than Theresa May and if Boris pulls off Brexit that he will have honoured the result of the 2016 referendum.

However, he did warn that if Mr Johnson revives May’s deal which he described as a “Surrender Instrument” that he will find that UKIP and other anti-imperialist parties enjoy a surge in support”


When asked if failing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was a chicken Mr Braine said that the anti-British opposition leader was “A deranged power-crazed obsolete Marxist chicken who wants to turn this country into Corbyzuela, a dystopia where chickens, like most food, will be in short supply.”

“It is terrifying that British youngsters do not appear to have been taught about the hundred million killed by Maoism & Leninism aka Corbynism. In Corbyzuela even the absolute chicken himself could be on the menu.”


UKIP Leader Gerard Batten with Tommy Robinson

Ex-leader Gerard Batten said if he was still the leader of UKIP and a general election was called on 14th October, he would make the tough decision not to stand UKIP candidates as he thinks Boris can deliver Brexit, but does Braine agree?

“Not quite,” said Richard. “UKIP will allow candidates to stand in constituencies where our votes are unlikely to deny a true Brexit supporter a winning margin. Although this will limit our results, we put country before party to see Brexit delivered.”

The UKIP leader also defended the decision to ban activist Tommy Robinson from the party earlier this year despite working-class Tommy supporters feeling disenfranchised with politics and how the establishment ignores them, we said that UKIP itself ignored its own members and banned Tommy Robinson from joining the party and asked if this simply made the party just as bad as the rest.

Richard said: “Unlike many parties, UKIP has a formal ban on the entry of people who have belonged to extremist organisations.”

“Many UKIP members support Tommy Robinson’s courage in speaking out about child rape gangs and social division, but many do not wish to express their views on this issue through him.”

“UKIP’s position must be acceptable to both of these groups. We should not force members to support Robinson if they don’t want to. Disagreement over this issue has diverted members efforts away from promoting some of UKIP’s other manifesto promises, including those about the EU and mass immigration, which are major contributors to the disenfranchisement of working people and the sense that we are ignored by politicians.”


“We are planning to add Antifa and Hate Not Hope to our prescribed list. This sends a clear message that the party is a moderate non-racist party,” said Richard.

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