Far-Left shitroll ‘The Independent’ smears UKIP’s youth surge – and LIES about the number of new members


FAILED former newspaper ‘The Independent’ has started a smear campaign against UKIP’s youthful renaissance just days after it attacked those who attended rallies for Free Speech and Tommy Robinson and called them ‘Far-Right’ loons.

The now online-only edition of The Independent, a newspaper that folded after nobody read it, claimed that: “Ukip has gained 500 new members since allowing three far-right activists linked to the so-called “alt-right” movement to join the party.”

The Independent that’s not actually independent, and toes the Tory Governments line, added: “The party has opened its doors to three controversial YouTubers – Mark Meechan, [Count Dankula] Carl Benjamin, [Sargon of Akkad] and Paul Joseph Watson – all of whom have substantial followings on the video streaming website.”

Showing how out of the loop they all are at the Indy, the lass who wrote the article, Maya Oppenheim used the YouTubers REAL names to discredit their popularity – But its ok, it’s not like anyone who reads The Indy watched dank YouTubers is it?

They also branded Paul Joseph Watson – one of the finest and funniest political YouTubers around, as the editor of ‘a far-right conspiracy website which is known for peddling false and outlandish conspiracy theories.’

Far-Right conspiracy website is code for; ‘You have a different opinion to us, so we will destroy your credibility.’

YouTubing King PJW has 1.2m YouTube subscribers, The Independent is clearly rattled that such an internet force is backing UKIP.

A spokesman for UKIP told The Independent: “It does make the job of the press officer somewhat more complex and it can be embarrassing at times but far better a bit of embarrassment than dealing with brain dead people,” he said.

“Dealing with the odd awkward and unpleasant person is better. If they create controversy that is often a good thing”.

He said the new members would not have to change their social media usage and Ukip would not attempt to dictate the views they adopt.

“We can’t tell them how to live, or what to think or do. It’s just that depending on what they do, think and live, we will have to take that into account going forward. They are members, not spokesmen,” he said. “There has been a small but noticeable spike in membership since they joined a fortnight ago. We have had over 500 new members. The new members are of a different demographic in that they are significantly younger and much more media savvy.”

He dismissed The Independents claims that the new YouTubers where members of the so-called “alt-right”.

Paul Joseph Watson hit back on Twitter saying: “Also, I am neither “far-right,” not am I an “activist”. Factual accuracy sorely lacking as per usual.”

The Independent also claimed that UKIP had only gained 500 members, if they had done their research, they would know that the party had gained far more.

Last week, Kipper Central broke the story of the number of new members and said: “[We can] exclusively reveal that 616 new membership applications have been received at UKIP Head Office since Sunday, representing a huge surge in interest in the party.”

The lads at Kipper also said that over 100 or more membership applications were received on Thursday 21st June, more than the previous day, showing that not only has there been a spike in membership but that the spike is growing.

UKIP Chairman Tony McIntyre said: “This is extremely good news – the people’s party is on a roll and long may it continue.”

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