LETS GO WTO: UKIP Leader And Deputy To Protest Outside Parliament TOMORROW

Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP Leader and Deputy UKIP Leader, Mike Hookem MEP will be protesting outside Parliament tomorrow on what is being dubbed ‘Super Tuesday’.

MP’s will be debating a series of amendments to a ‘neutral’ motion to be tabled by the Prime Minister. Two are particularly of note, one is the now infamous Cooper/Boles amendment which will effectively rule out a ‘no deal’ or WTO Brexit and place MP’s in the driving seat of the entire Brexit process IF no agreement can be reached by February 26th. The success or failure of this amendment could hinge on whether Jeremy Corbyn is prepared to whip Labour MP’s to support it.

The other has been tabled in the name of Sir Graham Brady, the Chair of the Tory backbench 1922 Committee.  It would call on the government to effectively replace the infamous Irish Backstop. This could well pass but Brexiteer MP’s are skeptical about its vagueness regarding what could be put in place of the backstop so whether it would achieve its seemingly intended goal of winning Brexiteer support for the Withdrawal Agreement is questionable and, of course, there is the question of whether voting for it will have any effect on the stance of the EU at all.

Mr Batten and Mr Hookem will be protesting calling for a clean Brexit and they outlined their case in a short video:

Tomorrow certainly will be another defining day in the Brexit process. If you want to join Mr Batten and Mr Hookem then they will be outside the Houses Of Parliament from midday.

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