MIGRANT SURGE: UKIP call on Sajid Javid to strengthen the UK’s border

UKIP have called on Home Secretary Sajid Javid to tighten Britain’s border following a migrant surge of the coast of Kent.

In November over 100 migrants have been found and rescued off the coast of Britain in a surge of attempts to enter the country illegally and the majority claim to be Iranians.

UKIP’s Immigration Spokesman, Paul Oakley said, “The news of a surge of people attempting to cross the channel in dinghies concerns us deeply. It is important that the migrants are treated humanely and returned to the safe haven of France from which they set off on their journey at the earliest opportunity.

Paul Oakley

“While Britain is a welcoming nation, we cannot send the message that we are a soft touch on illegal and dangerous entry into our country. If no attempt is made to return migrants then this will only encourage more to make the perilous voyage to our islands. The Strait of Dover is the busiest shipping route in the world and if the route is not closed then deaths are inevitable; not only of migrants themselves but quite possibly of the crews of our coastguard and rescue ships as well.

“UKIP call on the Home Secretary Sajid Javid to strengthen the UK’s border force and send a clear message that Britain will not accept those who attempt to cross our border illegally and that migrants are putting lives at risk when attempting to do so.”

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