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POLL: 94% of Politicalite readers say Tommy Robinson SHOULD be allowed to join UKIP

A POLL of over 4,000 readers has said that Tommy Robinson SHOULD be allowed to join UKIP.

94% agreed with a motion to allow Tommy in, but UKIP has blocked its members debating the motion – with some accusing the party of using Tommy for votes.

Last week it was reported that UKIP was considering giving Tommy Robinson party membership, the UKIP chairman Tony McIntire originally approved a motion to allow members to decide, then Blocked it after internal ‘infighting.’

UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) considered giving party members the power to decide if Tommy Robinson should be allowed to join UKIP.

The decision to allow Tommy to become a member would be debated and voted upon at UKIP’s upcoming conference in Birmingham later this month if the NEC approve the motion.

Alan Craig, UKIP’s Family & Children Spokesman said: “Tommy has become a global phenomenon representing those who have been excluded and silenced by the globalist liberal elite.”

“He courageously turned his back on all racism and the EDL and now campaigns for free speech and on those issues like rape gangs that the authorities want to ignore.

“He’s now a Kipper at heart and we should welcome him.”

Tommy backed UKIP in May’s local elections and announced in May that UKIP’s leader Gerard Batten “finally” understood Islam.

The announcement came following an interview with the UKIP leader, he said: “This week I met Gerard Batten, UK Independence Party (UKIP)’s new leader to get to the bottom of who he is, what his views are, and just what the hell he plans to do about the Islamisation of the UK.”

Tommy supported the motion and said he did want to join, he described his potential membership as being able to start a “revolution.”

He said: “UKIP would lose 2,000 members if I joined, but they could probably gain 20,000.”

Tommy told his followers that he would join UKIP if offered party membership, adding that the party would be “mad” to not consider allowing him in.

Reece Coombes, 17 who broke the story of Tommy’s UKIP membership exclusively told Politicalite: “At long last, we were turning words into actions and bringing Britain’s working-class hero into the political fold of UKIP.”

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