SICK TO DEATH: Batten BASHES The BBC For Branding People Far-Right

I am pretty sure that most people who are reading this will have been branded ‘far-right’ by someone somewhere and I am equally sure that we are all heartily sick of being labelled like that. Given that we should all give a hearty hear-hear to Gerard Batten for this a belting attack on the BBC:

Hear Hear! One of the most insidious ways the Fakestream attacks free speech is to brand any views it doesn’t happen to like as being beyond the pale. Don’t like Islam? FAR-RIGHT! Brexiteer? FAR-RIGHT! And so it goes on. Batten notes their failure to define what being ‘far-right’ entails but I am personally pretty convinced that it boils down to ‘any opinion we disagree with or find it hard to properly answer’. Far from the brave defenders of freedoms frontier, the Fakestream are instruments of totalitarian rule and it is good news that a major political Party has a leader willing to call them out.

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1 Comment

1 Comment


    October 10, 2018 at 00:22

    At last UKIP has a leader willing to speak in plain English and be the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. We are not far right, we are just right as opposed to wrong and traitors.

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