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CNN blackmails Reddit user who created Trump GIF

Last week, President Donald Trump posted a video containing a Reddit GIF of Trump putting a smackdown on CNN – the post obviously went viral.

In retaliation for this, the Clinton News Net, sorry, Clown News Network has hit a shocking new low.

Instead of halting the spread of fake news they broadcast, or reporting genuine news that affects the American people, the failing news network decided to put its news gathering resorces to ‘good use’.

They tracked down the Reddit user who created the GIF and allegedly threatened to reveal his identity unless he apologised and removed the content.

They said ‘CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change’ 

When they posted the story on Social Media, it did not go down well and the trend ‘#CNNBlackmail’ is currently the top trend in the United States.
July 4th 2017, the day CNN removed someone’s right to free speech.  

Here’s how myself and the rest of Twitter reacted:


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