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POLITCALITE INVESTIGATION: Clinton Cash, Influence And Collusion In The Homeland

As part of our look into the dealings and shenanigans of the Clinton Foundation, we decided to take a look closer to home after looking yesterday into donations and monies received from foreign governments, interests and countries.

Selling access to The State Department to foreign interests and entities in a play to play corrupt regime isn’t enough for the Clinton’s and when you look further down the rabbit hole you can see the same kind of practices have been taking place much closer to home for years and years. There are some household names on the list of financial donors into the rogue foundation, as well as big-name players from the media world, big corporate banks, some questionable “foundations” and even links to the Princess Diana Memorial Fund?

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When you look into the political climate of today and the agendas being pushed by mainstream media prostitutes who are clearly in the tank for Hillary Clinton can we really say we live in a democracy when wealth and influence can buy you access into the highest echelons of the US government and governments around the world? These people, businesses, banks, big tech and corporations don’t give their money to lobbyists, foundations and political campaigns for nothing, they do so to get things in return, to influence policies, set agenda’s and to shape the fabric of society. That’s how politics works, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

People like George Soros plough fortunes into political campaigns via their various lobbyist groups, foundations and societies not for the good of their health or because they are upstanding members of the community trying to do good and help people, they do it for their own gains and their own self serving interests as is clearly evident when you look down the list of donors to the Clinton Foundation. It’s no secret that Soros backed Hillary Clinton and sunk fortunes into catapulting former President Barack Hussein Obama into the Oval Office. The Clinton Family Foundation and The Clinton – Bush Haiti Foundation were even able to donate to The Clinton Foundation. George Soros made considerable donations into the crooked foundation via his George Soros Foundation AND his Open Society Institute, as well as financial backing and support for Hillary’s campaign.

The likes of Bill & Melinda Gates sunk upwards of $25 million dollars into the Clinton Foundation along with Unitaid and The Children’s Investment Fund. Donations and financial contributions to the tune of up to $25 million dollars were received from Stephen L. Bing, The Commonwealth of Australia, The Kingdom of Norway as well as the Foundations of The Rockefeller and Wasserman. Former F1 world champion racing driver Michael Schumaker contributed up to $10 million dollars along with The Elton John Aids Foundation, The Government of Netherlands and brand name The Co-Co Cola Company. Is it any wonder that then-candidate and now President Donald J. Trump receives such a poor and negative press when the likes of Newsmax Media, Google, Yahoo, Thompson Reuters, Bloomberg philanthropists and Silicon Valley Community Fund all made donations into the Clinton Foundation? These companies have a heavy hand in orchestrating the type of content you receive down your tv and via media and social media platforms across the globe.

The list is endless when you scroll down through it and these are only the names and companies of those that were declared, many entries were clearly hidden from the American people, household brands like McDonald’s, Nike and Visa all made sizeable donations alongside people like Hollywood mogul Steven Spielberg, Actor and Singer Barbara Streisand via her foundation, (both also noted for slating Trump) When you add to the above, monies received into the Clinton Foundation from the banking sector, with Barclays, HSBC, Goldman Sachs and the Citi Group along with the Banc of California all making donations can we really say we live in a democracy when money buys you influence in politics? Business like Boeing, Monsanto, Booz Allen Hamilton, Proctor and Gamble, Pfizer, Unilever and Ford all make donations to receive something in return, to influence and have an impact on government policies and agendas. It would appear from the research that I have done that The Clinton Foundation is far from being a “charitable organisation” but a vehicle used to generate income for the Clinton Family by selling access and information relating the US Government and the policies it sets and the direction it was supposed to be heading in had Hillary Clinton won the election.

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