Amedeo Varriale: Trump and Putin are NOT the ‘bad guys’

THE SUMMIT between the current leader of the free world, Donald J. Trump, and one of the most paternal and authoritarian the world has ever seen, Vladimir Putin, took place less than 72 hours ago in the mysterious Finnish capital.

Those two protagonists of the global stage obviously hold contrasting views to each other, and will remain healthy competitors, but are more similar to each other than anyone would imagine. Trump, in one way or the other, has created a resistance movement, energised and inspired by Steve Bannon’s cultural school of thought. With him, finally, America has created a political space for alternative roots of conservatism, which will not shy away from ardent national sentiment and aesthetic traditionalism.

Putin’s political operation in Russia was somewhat the same, in a matter of years, Russia mutated itself from a communist stronghold to the “new Rome”- many now consider Moscow the epicentre of traditionalist European civilisation.

The children of the future, living in this problematic world, need strong men like Trump and Putin to pave the way to greatness, or as many would prefer to believe, “to make us great again.”

The questions that the media insists on asking the Trump administration to this day, are quite painful to listen to, not to mention cancerous, and rather insulting. Let’s get this straight, if there has been any meddling in the US election it could have been anyone. It could have been the Chinese, just as much as it could have been the Russians, or even India and Pakistan (they have the most specialised hackers) could have been involved for all we know.

Meddling over the course of general elections is very common. It always has been. States are global actors and agents that compete on the world stage. Americans, like the Russians, have several intelligence agencies that aim to serve the interests of their own countries and will obviously attempt to sabotage a candidate or meddle in an election if they have to. It is just the way politics works, and it will also never change.

This whole fit thrown by the media is fake and hypocritical, they don’t really care what Putin does, they don’t cover him positively when he annihilated ISIS in Syria with his military by having boots on the ground, or when he dealt effectively with Chechen (Islamic) domestic terrorism. All this talk about Russia interfering with elections is just another way to bring down Trump and a desperate attempt of the globalists to get rid of him before 2020.

We have no real proof of a Russian interference, and we also do not have any idea of the degree to which they would have interfered, nor whether it was an order that came from Putin himself.

Trump and most recently admitted that he personally is of the opinion that the Russians meddled, based on what he was told. This is likely to be a strategic move to appease the media momentarily and then strike back at a later date.

Ultimately, the point that should be paramount to any conservative at this moment in time is that Russian interference does not matter. Honestly, it doesn’t. Of course, Russia is not the best friend of the west, and probably won’t be especially if the accident continues to represent the decadence and degeneracy of postmodernist liberalism. We are simply not respectable anymore, which is precisely why we need Trump to re-set the tone.

There are much bigger problems than Russia that we have to face, issues such as mass immigration, Islamism being bred in our inner cities, the destruction of the traditional family unit and the promotion of chaos perpetrated by the elites who aim to displace the ethnic-European population are slightly bigger issues than ‘a little meddling’ that might or might not have helped Trump win and put conservatives back in charge.

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