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Biden Losing Michigan After Democrats Attack The Children Of Election Officials

Two members of the canvassing board in Wayne County, which is responsible for signing off on Election results in Detroit, initially refused to certify election results, pointing to glaring recording discrepancies.

In response, the Democratic grassroots released the addresses, names, children’s schools, and children’s names of the two officials.

Under the pressure of these threats, the officials were forced to give their assent to the vote in Detroit, despite the compelling evidence that the vote was conducted and counted improperly.

Thankfully the pressure of the mob has backfired, as now the officials have signed sworn affidavits testifying to the threats and intimidation.

Joe Biden’s campaign took another gut punch today after the Far Left threatened the children of election officials – resulting in the officials refusing to certify the results for Detroit.

This puts the whole State of Michigan’s 16 electoral college votes up for grabs.

Sickeningly, the threats also came from a Democratic state politician, who told a female Republican election official to “think about your kids” and named their school, amid an intense stand-off on Tuesday night that closely resembled a Chinese communist struggle session.

Election officials in Michigan’s largest county, which takes in Detroit, eventually voted four-zero to certify the results from the presidential election, confirming a victory for Joe Biden over Donald Trump. That decision has now been reversed.

It came around three hours after an unprecedented two-two deadlock along party lines drew praise from the President and the head of the Michigan Republican Party, but outrage from Democrats, including Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney-General Dana Nesssel.

The exact moment Democrat Abraham Aiyash threatened Monica Palmer’s children on zoom.

He said “You Miss Palmer are deciding to enable and continue to perpetuate the racist history of this country and I want you to think about what this means for your kids, who probably go to Gross-Point North.”

Michigan will be a crucial state for Mr Trump to overturn if he hopes to claw back victory from Mr Biden.

Now that the election has not been ratified, Biden has lost the States 16 electoral college votes.

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