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BOX CLEVER: Black People, CHECK Yourself Before You WRECK Yourself 




THE POLICE killing of an unarmed black man in Minneapolis this week has rightly sparked outrage across America, and the world. Black or white, this should not be happening in the year 2020. 

It’s all too easy to throw blame at President Trump, who, the left brands ‘racist’, yet Trump is representing the left behind underclass with his populist policies – including getting millions of black people OUT of poverty during his time in office.  

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Let’s take a look at this case. Mr Floyd allegedly tried to use a fake $20 bill in a store, amid the pandemic that’s understandable. 

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Floyd is also a victim of poverty, as well as racist police brutality. 


Some white people are in poverty, who have probably tried to use a fake bill to buy essentials at a time in their lives. 

Derek Chauvin was subject of complaints before George Floyd's death

If this was a white man, would the Police have acted in the same way? No. 

Floyd was arrested by local law enforcement, and Police officer Derek Chauvin was filmed kneeling on his neck for at least eight minutes reported Sky News. 

Brother of George Floyd: 'I just want justice' | News | Al Jazeera

This un-warranted bloodshed has caused protests and riots in Minneapolis and across the world. 

In London, Black Lives Matter showed solidarity with a fellow black brother killed in another case of race-related issues that have forever plagued America.


Yet protesters in America have turned to looting and rioting. It’s a mix of both lockdown tensions rising and the clear divide of rich and poor becoming ever more apparent. 

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Destroying your own hood only brings you bad press, ammunition for real racists and a never-ending fight between black and white. 

Today, Elon Musk’s Space X launched into space, with notably white faces on board. 


If you are a young black person in poverty who is angry at what has happened, do not turn to violence. Do not riot. Do not set fire to your own hood. Set fire to the class system by aiming HIGHER 


I say that as a mixed-race man. You need to showcase talent, resolve and NOT violence. 

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