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NO LONGER IGNORED: After Trumps retweet, the Establishment can no longer ignore the far-right

PRESIDENT TRUMP caused an international row today after retweeting three tweets by Britain First’s deputy leader, Jayda Fransen.

The tweets which were branded “anti-Muslim” and “Far-Right” by the mainstream media, involved a Muslim man smashing a statue of The Virgin Mary among others.


Trump supporter Piers Morgan was quick to virtue signal and distance himself from the President’s retweets. He and others seem to think that by condemning and ignoring the views of millions will have an effect on the President, but Trump being Trump – he won’t listen.


The media and political class have been quick to voice outrage and condemn Trump’s actions – seemingly shocked by Trump’s social media activity, but people on the ground across Britain are not shocked. In fact, most people in touch with real Britain, find the political class’ virtue signalling over Britain First rather amusing.

The British political class have been ignoring the concerns of Brits on Islamic Extremism for decades – after each Terror atrocity we are all told we must light a candle, hold a vigil and hold up a sign that says “not all Muslims” – but any sane person knows that that isn’t an adequate response.

There is a lack of understanding on both sides thus leading to a rise in support for far-right groups such as Britain First.

The group have over 1.9m Facebook likes and steady reach into the timelines of millions across the UK – frankly, they have an major influence.

The Conservatives have just over 600k likes on Facebook and The Labour Party have 1m, but – the Westminster bubble chooses to ignore Britain First and their views – mainly anti-Muslim, offensive and not worth the light of day – but when you censor political opinion from the far-right and Britain First – you don’t actually solve the problem.

That’s the establishment way though, pretend that it’s all rosy in old Blighty, ignore Britain First and also ignore the concerns surrounding Islamic Extremism.

Nothing to see here folks… but that response fails when the most powerful man in the world retweets content from Jayda Fransen.

The BBC, Channel 4 and the US Mainstream media were quick to listen to Jayda Fransen today, with the Britain First Deputy leader taking interviews with major broadcasters.


Trump isn’t fazed by leftist virtue signalling or the race to be the most “politically correct” politician on Twitter, he’s more concerned about the fears of the millions of forgotten men and women across America, and they are scared to death by Islam and what they see as the enemy.

To prevent the likes of Britain First gaining more a following online than the Ruling party in Britain, maybe its time to have a debate and actually listen to what these far-right lunatics have to say.

Maybe then, we can start to solve the problem of both Far-right extremism and Islamic Extremism, instead of brushing the whole sorry saga under the carpet.



  1. Ruth Gibson

    November 30, 2017 at 07:24

    Trump is absolutely right to support Jayda and Paul as he knows they speak the truth and are fighting for our Country. Good on them. Virtue signaalling is the trendie leftie way of threatening and the trendie left have been brain washed and are not aware how they have supported in damaging our Country and others

  2. Barb

    November 30, 2017 at 17:50

    Thank you, I’m not the lunatic. I don’t go around forcing allah on people, threatening them with death if they don’t submit. Amazing that these liberal dingbats can’t see the difference and tolerate all speech as long as it is from islam. TRUTH be known!!!!

  3. Billy

    November 30, 2017 at 21:18

    TRUMP is reporting hate crimes, NOT making them.

  4. Andy

    December 4, 2017 at 15:50

    This is all quite worrying, Here in Britain we have the two main parties who are totally out of touch with their electorate both of which are residing over a Britain which has one of the largest jihadist population in the EU but both think Trump is the problem, you genuinely couldn’t make up such incompetence.

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