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CANCELLED: Trump Cancels $300 Million In Aid To Pakistan For Failing To Act On Jihadis

THE DONALD takes no prisoners. At the beginning of the year, President Trump announced a sweeping package of measures aimed at punishing the Pakistani government for giving shelter to Islamists fighting against Western-backed forces in Afghanistan. He said Pakistani promises to act amounted to nothing but “lies and deceit”.

Yesterday, the US Military confirmed that the Coalition Support Funds had been cut. Lieutenant-Colonel Kone Faulkner, a Pentagon spokesman, said that the aid cuts had been prompted by “a lack of Pakistani decisive actions in support of the South Asia Strategy”. He added: “We continue to press Pakistan to indiscriminately target all terrorist groups.”

Trump used his first tweet of 2018 to attack the Pakistani government saying they shelter the “terrorists we hunt”. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary Of State is due to meet with new Pakistani President, Imran Khan this week. Khan is, however, a critic of the US presence in Afghanistan and critics have nicknamed him ‘Taliban Khan’ due to his willingness to talk to Islamist groups.

Trump’s willingness to back tough rhetoric with decisive action makes a refreshing change from most Western leaders who are simply unwilling to act when it comes to protecting their own countries interests.




1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mary comerford

    September 3, 2018 at 16:36

    It’s good that trump is stopping the aid to.pakistan.just a shame others dont follow?

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