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THOSE DAYS ARE OVER: Trump blasts EU and says ‘we’re NOT doing business with these guys’

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has slammed the European Union and has vowed to ‘take on’ the bloc claiming that Brussels takes ‘advantage’ of the United States.

Mr Trump addressed a rally in Michigan, refusing to attend the White House correspondents dinner.

He slammed the media and said he’d rather be with the people of Michigan than with the media in Washington D.C.

When the topic turned to Trade, Mr Trump said that the EU “sounds so nice” but it was “formed to take advantage of the US”.

He told his supporters: “I do not blame them [the EU]. I blame past presidents.”

“Long-term you’re going to be so happy… or we are not doing business with these guys.”

Trump also accused Brussels of ‘putting up barriers’ and called for markets to be opened up.

He said: “When we take on China or the European Union, which has tremendous blocks, it’s very hard for us to sell stuff into the European Union.

“It was put there to take advantage of the United States, OK.”

When a member of the crowd shouted “not anymore”, he replied: “You’re right. Not anymore. We told them that yesterday actually, we said the same words ‘not anymore’. Those days are over.

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