Fox News host has MELTDOWN after Trump snub

THE TRUMP team had previously given Fox News host Tucker Carlson evidence, and he mailed it to someone and lost it.

Any evidence revealed in detail now might be rendered inadmissible in court. The disclosure now may in some instances be viewed as trying to prejudice the case before trial by a judge. A judge that saw it this way would punish you for that.

See video of Tucker Carlson speaking about the lost evidence

Fox should know this, as they should have legal advisers reviewing their output on such an important legal case.

Some of us are old enough to remember the Bush v Gore case involving a measly 1300 votes in one county in one state.

This time around there are 11,000 separate allegations. Are they all credible? Most certainly not.

Is there cause for legal remedies, most certainly yes

Fox has lost their viewership over their coverage of this election from the moment they made their highly dubious early call of Arizona.

Other right-wing networks that do likewise take note.

Be careful what your woke staff members do to your brand here online. You may never recover.

Watch Tucker below speak about the TRrump legal team press conference:


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