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BBUILD THE WALL: Snowflake Natalie Nunn MELTS over Trump task



CBB Viewers have hit out at Natalie Nunn and branded her a ‘Snowflake’ after she caused a storm over this weeks shopping task. 

I can’t lie, I do love an American reality show, but when it comes to American reality stars on Big Brother, I can’t stand most of them, they’re Always over the top and cringe to watch, especially Natalie Nunn.

Nunn of the U.S. reality series ‘Bad Girs Club’ attacked Big Brother President Kirstie Alley over a Trumpian shopping task that was based around ‘The Wall’ and the drama went on, and on and was literally so stupid to watch.

They had to build a giant Lego wall which included an American flag, and Housemates had to stop invaders dressed as the Queen, Hilary Clinton and Donald and Melania Trump climbing over the wall to try to steal green cards from the garden.


Nunn refused to take part, and attacked Kirstie Alley for being a Trump supporter.

“There’s the biggest controversy in our country right now, and she’s a fucking Trump supporter,” 

“That’s what’s controversy. That’s why she hasn’t said anything. “I’m not, I’m just not building a wall. The president is disgusting. I officially don’t like the Big Brother house president.”

Honestly, all the Brits that go into that house and they know how to create a bit drama, but they don’t tend to bring serious politics into a fun task about Donald Trump.

Over the years we have seen Americans go into the CBB house and literally bore the death out of us, especially that Keeping up with the Kardashian’s reject Johnathon that didn’t even last a week.


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