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THE INFO WAR: A week listening to InfoWars…. is Alex Jones really that bad?

ALEX JONES is arguably the leading figure in the ‘Alt-Media’ world as the founder of InfoWars and host of the infamous ‘The Alex Jones Show’ that is listened to and watched by over six million people. He went from conspiracy nutjob to the man with the President’s ear and even has press credentials in the White House.

Jones is widely known across social media for “Gay Frogs”, “Trendies” and wild conspiracy theories, but behind the memes, is an intelligent man who uses his own style of ‘news reporting’ to get his message across to his followers – some see him as a messiah, others think he’s a total nutter but love him or loathe him, you cant ignore him.

The left and the mainstream media hate Alex Jones, so, as a fellow hater of both things, I was intrigued to find out more about the man behind the memes – most reports about him seem like a “cult of personality” to tarnish some of Jones’ more credible opinions.

Jones was born in 1974 in Dallas, as a teenager, he read conservative journalist Gary Allen’s None Dare Call It Conspiracy, which had a profound influence on him and which he calls “the easiest-to-read primer on The New World Order”.

Jones began his career as a broadcaster in Austin with a live, call-in format cable show on US public TV and In 1996, Jones switched his format to radio, hosting a show named The Final Edition on KJFK.

In his early shows, Jones frequently talked about his belief that the United States government was behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, using the incident to put down a growing “states’ rights movement”

In 1999, he tied with Shannon Burke for that year’s “Best Austin Talk Radio Host” but later that year, he was fired from his radio station for refusing to broaden his topics. According to the station, his views were making the show hard to sell to advertisers.

Jones says: “It was purely political, and it came down from on high … I was told 11 weeks ago to lay off [Bill] Clinton, to lay off all these politicians, to not talk about rebuilding the church, to stop bashing the Marines, A to Z.”

Jones then started his broadcasting his show via the Internet and that’s where he gained the ear of the President.

He is no angel, in 2013 he stated that the Sandy Hook massacre was a “false-flag” attack and sparked outrage among the Sandy Hook families, he has claimed over the years that the US government was involved in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11th Attacks, he was also connected to the first “internet blockbuster” – 9/11 conspiracy movie, Loose Change.

Donald Trump called into Alex Jones’ show whilst running for President, and many claims that it was Jones and his InfoWars show that catapulted Trump from joke candidate to serious contender.

Trump was able to tap into the anger and fears the listeners of Infowars were fearing.

InfoWars created many of the most memorable moments of the 2016 election race, The smearing of Hillary Clinton went from the fringes the internet and American society to mainstream right-wing politics.

Listening to Alex Jones show is an experience in itself, Alex broadcasts 6 days a week and he is a very entertaining host, maybe that is part of the Jones phenomenon, I mean SIX million viewers and listeners can’t be wrong?Jones makes wild conspiracy theories and often makes you question the things you are being told, and he makes you assess the sources of news you are consuming.

Alex Jones and his InfoWars has been able to create a war with the mainstream media, its been able to make people question things more, and people are really starting to wake up to the fact that the Mainstream media such as CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS could often be lying to them.

For all the hype, scandal and controversy…. The Alex Jones Show is a welcome alternative to the mainstream, whilst I often take everything Jones’ says with a pinch of salt, It is never a bad idea to have someone who simply wants people to question the things they hear.

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1 Comment

  1. Peter cowen

    October 23, 2017 at 19:19

    As a comedy show no, and if you watch his analysis of the Star Wars prequel and its inciteful and lays out the story in a more interesting way than Lucas did. However, it is an act (kind of) and he is a master at what he does.

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