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KIDS IN CAGES HYPERBOLE: Child Detention was HIGHER under President Obama

PRESIDENT Trump faced a major backlash this week after it was revealed Illegal Immigrant children were being separated from their parents whilst being processed for deportation, many commentators and politicians have been virtue signalling their outrage but Obama-era child detention was higher.

It’s not hard to understand why, of course, as seeing a detention centre full of young children being kept in cages would rattle most anyone. Earlier today, Donald Trump backtracked his claims that the only solution to this issue was legislative and signed an executive order overruling the 9th circuit court’s ruling that children not be kept with their parents in detention, which will most likely put an end to this issue.

It must be wondered where this outrage was when the very same thing was happening under Obama. According to NBC, the outrage was not merited as Obama-Era child detention at the border was very rare; it wasn’t. In an article released today by Jane C. Timm on NBC News claiming to be a Fact Check, Jane conveniently leaves out Obama-era statistics regarding the number of children held in detention centres, not to mention the low standards of the holding facilities.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reports that, currently, there are just under 11,000 children being held while their parents are processed for deportation. The HHS reported their Obama-era numbers in 2014, revealing that during 2013 as many as 25,000 children were being held in detention centres, though reports claim many of them were unaccompanied. Another piece of the puzzle that is important to report on, though is not yet verified, is that it seems that the child-detention centres under Obama kept children in significantly worse conditions.

It is important to note, for context, that it was not an Obama Administration policy to separate children from their parents if arrested rather it was a ruling from the US’ 9th circuit court, and many of the children held were reported to be unaccompanied minors. The point this article is trying to point out is that the outrage machine has been set in motion because children are being held behind bars while similar Obama-era practice was largely ignored.

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