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LAW AND ORDER: Trump Warns Of Dystopian America Under Biden



PRESIDENT Donald Trump warned of a dark future if Joe Biden wins the US Election in November.

He highlighted crime and chaos that would most certainly ravage communities if sleepy Joe gets the keys to The White House.

Trump tweeted a warning to “Suburban Housewives of America” that “Biden will destroy your neighborhood and your American dream.”

“With Biden, our country wouldn´t have a chance,” Trump told reporters Wednesday.


Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York have seen spikes in violent crime and homicides this year. And Trump has dispatched federal agents or announced plans to send agents to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Chicago, and Kansas City, Missouri, to try to stop the unrest.

Mr Trump has also sent federal agents to Portland, Oregon, to try to quell protests around the federal courthouse.

Trump, who has repeatedly fumed that cities hit by crimes spikes are all led by Democrats, saysargue that Biden, at least implicitly, would condone unchecked violence.



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