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Lindsay Graham: Trump deserves Nobel Peace Prize over successful denuclearization of Korean Peninsula



U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham has said that President Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his successful negotiation of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Graham, who has been the Senator for South Carolina since 2003 told Fox News that the President would deserve a Nobel Peace Prize if he successfully negotiated the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

He said that if Trump is able to secure a promise from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to denuclearize at a summit later this year, the president would deserve the coveted award once given to his predecessor in 2009.

“It wouldn’t have happened without Trump,” Graham said Friday.


“What happened? Donald Trump convinced North Korea and China he was serious about bringing about change,” the South Carolina Republican added. “We’re not there yet, but if this happens, President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Today, Kim Jong Un announced that he would close down North Korea’s nuclear testing site in May.

Graham warned Kim not to play the Donald: “A word of warning: The worst thing Kim Jong Un could do is play Trump,” Graham said.

“To go through all these motions and go back to the old way of doing business, Donald Trump will not tolerate being played.”

“We’re either going to have peace or we’re going to have a war now because Kim Jong Un has made a mistake if he’s not serious,” he added.


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