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NB-NO-C: Trump threatens to REVOKE NBC’s licence on Twitter and accuses them of ‘Fake News’

PRESIDENT TRUMP has threatened to turn off “fake news” NBC after they reportedly made up a story about Trump and his relationship with U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

Mr Trump is at WAR with the mainstream media and since taking office he has threatened to revoke White House press credentials of major broadcasters on several occasions.

According to NBC, Trump wanted to increase the US Nuclear arsenal, and NBC News reported that Trump had asked for an increase in the USA’s nuclear arsenal during a Pentagon defence briefing in July.

Under international law – this would have been illegal and it is reported that U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson called Trump a “fucking moron” for wanting to bolster nukes.

Last night Trump responded to these claims by saying he and Rex should take an I.Q. test to settle differences.

He then later took to Twitter and said the NBC News’ report was work of “pure fiction” invented “to demean.” He also suggested NBC could have its licence revoked because the network’s reporting is “bad for the country.”





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