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STONE FIGHTS BACK: Roger Stone says he’ll SUE Twitter for suspending his account

ROGER STONE JR, an associate of President Trump has said he is going to SUE Twitter after the left wing social media site suspended his account FOR LIFE.

Speaking to The Wrap, Stone said “I have retained one of the best telecommunications lawyers in the country and will be bringing a legal action against Twitter over the suspension of my account”

“The battle for free speech has just begun ” he added.

“I have been inundated on Twitter with bloggers threatening to kill me, my wife my kids and even my dogs yet Twitter seems unconcerned about that,’ he said ‘This is just part and parcel of the tech left’s effort to silence conservative voices.”

The tweet storm that got Stone banned on Saturday was triggered by a tweet from CNN anchor Don Lemon that claimed a Washington D.C. grand jury filed first charges in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

A Twitter spokesperson said that they could not comment on individual accounts, but noted that their policy on ‘abusive behaviour’ includes ‘behaviour that harasses,’ which may result in suspension.

Stone said Twitter told him that his suspension would only last for a few hours, but Twitter later banned him for life and changed a notice on his handle from ‘suspended to ‘permanently suspended’ shortly after the news broke — without informing Stone.


Whatever your politics, banning users on a Social Media site is a dark slip into a world similar to George Orwell’s 1984. Social Media is becoming the main form of communication for millions of people across the world and if it can happen to Roger Stone and Milo Yianappolous, then Twitter can cut any user off from the Social media world, and most don’t have the means to fight back.

The suspension would be acceptable if Twitter suspended ALL accounts that are ‘abusive’, but they don’t. Milo Yianoppolous, A leading figure in the right of thinking has also had his account permanently suspended. If Twitter is so concerned with so-called online ‘abuse’, then why don’t they suspend accounts from left wing users and commentators?


Keith Olbermann, a notable Anti-Trump liberal loud-mouth who works for GQ, has tweeted hundreds of derogatory tweets towards the President of The United States and other Trump supporters, yet his account is still active. Olbermann simply has the right kind of politics, in Twitter’s eyes.

Read the full Roger Stone interview in The Wrap



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