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SUFFER THE CHILDREN: Liberal outrage over Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy highlights the hypocrisy of the left

IN recent days we have seen the full outrage liberals are able to supply directed at the US policy regarding the Mexican border, and most notably directed at the perennial target of the outrage of the international Snowflake brigades, Donald Trump.

Well, at least it marks a change of topic from bashing Brexit or popping champagne corks at the arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson.

We have been told by the mainstream liberal media that US border police are separating families of illegal immigrants, cruelly and unnecessarily tearing apart families for no good reason, and we have even been supplied with heart-rending pictures of crying children to back this narrative up.

What kind of fiend, we are asked, imposes a policy that separates children from their parents for purely political reasons, ignoring of course the fact that the same people incensed by such a thing six thousand miles away are also the kind of people who do not spare a moments thought for the family and children of Tommy Robinson or of any British citizen who falls fouls of our current governments war on free speech.

Just as recently as news of the US border separations broke, for example, we saw a letter written from prison by Tommy describing the anguish suffered by his entirely innocent child due to his incarceration. Ah, say the liberals, but Tommy broke the law. He knew what he was doing was illegal and still he did it. They go through all of the tired, perhaps technically true but morally dead arguments for Tommy’s arrest, ignoring the wider moral issues and the effect that imprisoning people for reporting the truth has on them, their families and on wider society. And yet for any Trump supporting US citizens, the same argument suddenly does not fly when applied to illegal immigration into the US.

Illegal immigrants know that they are breaking US law, they still go ahead and do it. They know that there are rules and procedures to follow, and they flout these, just as there are rules and procedures to follow, in law, when reporting criminal cases. Some US supporters of tough border controls say ‘well tough, you broke the law’ regarding the separation of families.

For some strange reason, this response, entirely sufficient for British liberals with regard to the curtailment of free speech, becomes entirely insufficient for those people regarding the curtailment of free movement. It is the same argument, but the people being held in detention are different. It is ok to deny a British citizen access to his child because you don’t like his political stance on grooming gangs and their sexual exploitation of children, but it is not ok to deny an illegal immigrant access to their child when they are engaged in the illegal breach of an established national border.

If we look at the US Mexico border we see the same problems that Europe faces and that indeed the whole western world faces in the age of mass immigration. We face the moral choice of whether to defend borders or not.  But what we should never do is accept the easy answers that the mainstream media supplies.

It is very easy to see a picture of a crying child and respond to that. As a father I understand the instinct, it is a natural and good instinct to want to see children protected, safe, happy and unharmed. But you must always be aware of who is appealing to this instinct and why. Many liberals who are currently enraged at US border policy and Trump ignore relevant facts. They ignore the fact that in several southern US states bordering Mexico over 50% of the prison population are Mexican illegal immigrants. They ignore the fact that the pictures most widely shared showing crying children in cages supposedly caused by US policies are actually pictures of a staged protest. They ignore the fact that a government has a legal and moral duty to protect its own citizens and that defending a border does this. A few moments internet searching can provide lists of US citizens raped, beaten or killed by illegal Mexican immigrants, and those victims include US children. They ignore the fact that people smugglers, drug cartels and extremely violent criminal gangs control most of the illegal border crossing that goes on. Refusing to police a border encourages and helps them. Refusing to separate children from adult migrants might even encourage these criminals and gangs to use children as their excuse to enter the country illegally, just as refusing to turn back migrant boats in the Mediterranean cruelly encourages more illegal crossings and more migrant deaths at sea.   

The mainstream media and the left will always tell you that you lack compassion, because you have compassion for your own citizenry. They will demand that you value migrant lives higher than the lives of your own family, friends and fellow patriots. They will let thousands of your children be raped and abused and demonise or imprison those who protest, whilst simultaneously accusing you of being heartless towards the children and adults of Mexico, Palestine, Pakistan, Syria or any troubled nation that they favour above their own. But the truth is that we can never be truly humane by easy answers. An open border is an easy answer that just spreads the fire of injustice from failing nations into previously successful ones.

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