THIS IS HATRED: Far-Left BLM Mob TARGET White Man at #MillionMAGAMarch

A FAR Left Antifa mob attacked an older gentleman at the Million MAGA March on Saturday in Washington DC, surrounding him as he tried to leave the area.

The far-left Black Lives Matter mob surrounded the unnamed man.

A Twitter user called Savanah Hernandez posted an eyewitness video from the streets of DC, the American capital city and centre of the US Government.

Savanah said: “ANTIFA & BLM members target an old man with a Trump shirt on as he tries to take a bike down the street.”

“They throw water and yell profanities. A few Trump supporters are eating at a Starbucks nearby, as each exit, they get mobbed.”

These are the thugs our fake news media and football teams support.

YOUR media is now inadvertently attacking the very people who support them. Who watch their coverage, read their papers and pay for super-charged TV coverage of sporting events.

The only way to stop this attack on the real people is to stop watching mainstream news. Stop buying mainstream media papers and to cancel your subscriptions.

This week, Rupert Murdoch has turned against the people’s hero Donald Trump to virtue signal to his New York City friends.

He’s a sellout and a traitor. Fox News, who was once the fire of the American media, representing the real people have turned against YOU, just like they do in the UK by supporting The Conservative Party that has openly backed Joe Biden and adopted the ‘Build Back Better’ dogma that The Globalist elite will use to issue the Great Reset on Western Civilisation.

This must end now. The more of us that unplug the mainstream media matrix, the better the Western World will be.

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