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TRADE WARS: Trump takes on EU and threatens high taxes on Mercedes Benz and BMWs


PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump has launched a SCATHING attack on the European Union and laid down the law over Tariffs and set-out tough new red lines in talks with the bloc.

He was addressing a rally in Pennsylvania and said he will remove steel tariffs only if the EU open up their barriers and get rid of every single one of their tariffs.

President Trump told the crowd: “Now, all these countries are ringing up. A lot of you are originally from EU countries, that sounds nice, but the EU they kill us on trade.

“You hear European union, sounds so innocent. It’s not innocent. They’re very tough. They’re very smart. We lose $100 billion a year.

“We charge them practically nothing. We sell things into them, number one, you can’t get it through the barriers. They have artificial barriers.

“That’s not a monetary barrier, that’s other things, environmental, they come up with things you wouldn’t even believe. We can’t get our product in there.

“So I said open up your barriers, get rid of your tariffs, and we’ll do this.

“If you don’t do that we’re going to tax Mercedes Benz, we’re going to tax BMWs. Cars are the big money item.”

Mr Trump also tweeted: “The European Union, wonderful countries who treat the U.S. very badly on trade, are complaining about the tariffs on Steel & Aluminum.

“If they drop their horrific barriers & tariffs on U.S. products going in, we will likewise drop ours. Big Deficit. If not, we Tax Cars etc.”

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